Sam Bradford and Freestyle Friday

Got to love hip-hop. The gift that keeps on giving. Not going to get into rating how well he spits bars. I’m no hip-hop guru. I’ll say it’s ok. The gem of this video though is the kid in the messy fro and hat located center-left of screen. Did you spot the soon to be millionaire athlete? Hint: He got drafted by Steven Jackson’s Team.

If you guessed Sam Bradford, pat yourself on the back.  If not, question your football fandom.

Sam Bradford still remains unsigned but when he does put ink to paper he will mostly certainly break the bank. He’ll be signed soon, not today, but soon. Do you remember any top pick who went unsigned? Additionally Coach Spags isn’t worried:

On if it should be a big deal that rookie QB Sam Bradford has missed this time: “Well, we all need all the time. I needed the time to get up to speed. It’ll just be a crash course. He’s a sharp enough guy. If we feed him and he pulls one of those all-nighters, he’ll be OK.”

On if he has expectations for Bradford to arrive tonight: “Really nothing has changed since yesterday. When I see Kevin I say, ‘Just give me one word, I’m looking for D-O-N-E’ and when I don’t get that I say OK I’ve got to go to practice.”

It’s just a matter of time before he signs, becomes a millionaire, is practicing, and becomes St.Louis, Missouri’s hope to bring them back to prominence reached most recently during the greatest show on turf days glory days. Wish him luck that he doesn’t get killed like Stafford last year.

As for Malcolm Kelly, it looks like his days in DC maybe up. He may need to consider a rapping career sooner rather than later.

Written by Jovan. You can follow him on twitter.