Sam Bradford Gets 50 Million Dollars Guaranteed From The Saint Louis Rams


There is a reason why no one really wants to pick a quarterback 1st in the draft.

Everything is great if he turns out to be Peyton Manning, but if he turns out to be JaMarcus Russell you are screwed for a very long time.

It doesn’t seem like a long time, but it has been almost a decade since the Greatest Show of Turf was entertaining the masses in STL, but after several awful years including a dreadful 1-15 season in 2009 the Rams have pinned their hopes on Sam Bradford and his reconstructed shoulder.

Bradford’s contract is 6 years, 76 million with 50 of that guaranteed and it can max out at 86 million if Bradford hits some escalators.

Just so we are clear regardless of what happens from tomorrow on Bradford will get 50 million dollar deposited in his account.

50 million dollars and he never has taken a snap.

Even Tim Tebow is like:

Damn Homie!!!

But he didn’t say the “damn”.

Good work if you can get it and for the Rams sake they better hope their 50 million dollar man doesn’t like to Sip the Sizzurp.


  1. NFL needs rookie scale ASAP… both current players and owners are not benefiting from this BS rookie deals…

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