Sherra Robinson Wright Being Questioned In Lorenzen Wright Murder..Possible Arrest Coming

The Lorenzen Wright murder is a very tragic case and it has a lot of unusual circumstances.  One of the weird aspects of the case was that Wright’s ex-wife Sherra Robinson Wright told police that three armed man came to her home looking for Wright.  Here are the details about that:

Prior to a family member filing a missing persons report, three strangers visited Lorenzen’s ex-wife, Sherra Robinson Wright, at her home. Sherra said the men had guns tucked into their waistbands. Supposedly the three men asked if her ex-husband might be home visiting his six children.

According to the report, Sherra rushed to her divorce attorney to discuss her concerns about the safety of her children, herself and her ex-husband, after the incident.

Amazingly even though armed gunmen came to her home she didn’t go to the police, she went to her divorce attorney.

I don’t know about you but if men with guns came to my house where my children lived looking for my significant other my first phone call would be to 911 not a divorce attorney.

I am being told now by a person close to the investigation that Miss Wright herself is now considered a possible suspect in the case and that she is currently being questioned by police.

No word on exactly what information the police are trying to get out of Miss Wright, if she will be charged or booked for any crime.  Just that she is a person of interest in the case.

As you know I take reporting things like this very seriously, so I am currently trying to track down more information, but what I do know at the very least is the Memphis PD do see Miss Wright as a person of interest in the case and that she may have more information than she is letting on about what happened to her ex husband.

We will be monitoring the situation and when more information becomes available we will report it here first.


Information is coming in that she could possibly be booked on a charge, but that has not been confirmed.


Channel 3  NBC in Jackson, MS is now confirming the story:

Just before 1:00 p.m. Friday, two Memphis police investigators, including Sergeant Kevin Lundy, along with a uniformed officer, arrived at Herb Wright’s home.

Wright, who has been in a wheelchair since gunfire severed his spinal chord in 1983, came outside to greet officers.  After a brief conversation, Wright let the officers into his home. The patrolman went in first, followed by the two investigators.

A few moments later, a woman’s screams could be heard coming from inside the home. The tone was tearful, and blood curdling.

Within minutes, the investigators emerged. With them was a woman – a relative of Wright’s, we’re told – wearing a purple top and black pants.

Without handcuffs, the woman was placed in an unmarked police car and taken in for questioning.  Her role in the investigation is unclear.

Also Friday, investigators examined surveillance video from businesses surrounding the barber shop Wright frequented, amid conflicting stories about whether Wright was there the day he died.

We have confirmed it was indeed Miss Wright who was taken by police from the home we are currently waiting to see if she is charged with anything or if she is let go.

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  • THE Barber ..she fuckin da barber I read everything and put it together…..the barber lied and said he seen him after the 911 call was made thats the missing piece her and the barber are sleeping together and set it up……barbers know ALL thier customers hope someone reads this

  • Anything is possible in this case. The barber may have something to do with it. He may be working with someone else besids her. Lorenzen obviously had more enemies than thought.

  • Did his ex wife have a sroke? Why is her mouth twisted?

  • God wil show up and show out in this situation!!! Just be quiet during the storm and you can hear more then!!!!!! Keep your heads up M-Town; I still believe in us…

  • This entire tragedy is very sad, and the circumstances surrounding his death is very suspicious. I truly believe the three masked gunmen story is either made up, and/or his ex-wife was involved in some capacity.

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