Sources: LeBron leaning towards Miami

According to basketball analyst Chris Broussard, all signs point towards LeBron going to Miami.  James will make his announcement from the Boys and Girls Club of Greenwich, Conn., during an hourlong special called “The Decision” (blank stare) on ESPN Thursday.  Sales of sponsorship for the program will go to the Boys and Girls Clubs of America (but of course, he’s signing a huge contract).

Now we all know that it’s a very “fluid” situation because no contracts have been signed.  Another thing that makes this a very fluid situation is that sources state LeBron’s family and inner circle is very divided on where he should land.  There are those that feel the Heat is already viewed as Dwyane Wade’s team and ‘Bron would be selling himself short.  James could have a 11th hour change of heart.

Now if he does join Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami, this should make for a very interesting team dynamic.  Two of the three make their relatively mundane announcement on the noon Sportscenter, and then James has his own one-hour special on a separate day?  That has to make things weird on a couple of different levels:

  1. He decides to go to Miami and doesn’t tell Wade or Bosh?
  2. He tells Wade and Bosh, but tells them they can’t be on the “The Decision” with him?
  3. He tells Wade and Bosh he wants to come to Miami, they want to do it quietly and he doesn’t, he wants his own primetime special?
  4. Wade and Bosh take less than max contract just so James can have more?

None of these scenarios make any sense to me.  If James does go to Miami, I don’t see it working based on how the relationship began.

Stay tuned folks, I’m sure this situation will be changing within the hour.  We’ll just have to wait for Stephen A. to be 100% certain James will go somewhere else. (insert blank stare)

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