Sources: Shaq Considering Offer from Hawks

Over the weekend, the Atlanta Hawks re-signed Joe Johnson to a six-year $119 million max contract.  Johnson was also assured by management that significant changes to the roster would occur.  Apparently that includes adding free agent Shaquille O’Neal.  According to, the Hawks are offering Shaq a two-year contract starting at $5.8 million.  Shaq is seriously considering the offer.  A source close to O’Neal says that, “[He] wants to play two more years and wants it to be a contender.  He thinks he could help them [Hawks] be a contender.”

This deal could be a win-win for both sides.  The Hawks are woefully undersized in the middle, using Al Horford as a center when he should really be a power forward.  The addition of Shaq would allow Horford to play at power forward.  This would also allow the Hawks to become much bigger in the middle, especially important when it comes to the playoffs and the very distinct possibly of facing Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic.  The Hawks have lost to the Magic the past two years in the playoffs.

Shaq, 38, isn’t the powerhouse he used to be, but he still has the ability to play defense and take up space.  There aren’t many suitors knocking on Shaq’s door this free agency period, and the Hawk’s are the only contender that have shown interest thus far.  Plus, Atlanta is a pretty cool city to live in. I’m sure Shaunie can find more Basketball Wives to befriend…..*blank stare*

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4 thoughts on “Sources: Shaq Considering Offer from Hawks

  • Hawks lost to Magic the last two years.

  • Good move win for both sides….Starting Shaq(7ft) at center…As stated allows hawks to start Horford(6ft10) at power forward and move Josh Smith(6ft9) to small forward along with JJ(6ft8) at shoting guard…Transforming them from the undersized unit they were before into a pretty daunting match up for shorter teams…

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