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Terrell Owens…ESPN Costing Him An Opporunity in NFL?

by Robert Littal | Posted on Wednesday, July 7th, 2010
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There is some truth to this.

T.O.’s media perception is trash.  Some of that is T.O.’s doing, but a big part of it is that he has rubbed plenty of people in the media the wrong way.

Remember, Terrell Owens has never been involved in a crime or any type of unusual activity that would cause Roger Goodell to have to bring out the hammer.

T.O.’s fatal flaw has been has inability to keep his mouth shut at times, but even then a lot of the stuff he has said isn’t untrue.

There are also times when he has said something very innocent and it has been blown way out of proportion.

Meanwhile, I distinctly remember a member of ESPN saying they wanted their kid to grow up to be just like Marvin Harrison and the opposite of T.O.

Harrison almost shot someone laughing at the comment.

Here is what T.O. had to say about the situation:

Receiver Terrell Owens previously has spoken about the fact that he can’t find a job (on his $5 million per year terms) by blaming it on perceptions regarding a history of misbehavior.

He addressed the situation again during a Wednesday appearance on 104.5 The Zone in Nashville, and he laid specific blame for the first time at a certain four-letter network in Connecticut.

“A lot of people have listened to a lot of the commentaries throughout a lot of the media outlets, mainly ESPN, that has my character in question as far as things that have happened in the past,” Owens said. “And I think even though I may do 99 good things right and if I do one thing wrong, ESPN and the people on there is gonna make it out to be the worst thing ever.”

But T.O. later acknowledged — again — that he has done some things in the past that he would do differently now, the closest he’ll ever come to apologizing and/or simply admitting he was wrong.

He declared that he’s “probably in the best shape of my life,” and he said he’s “ready for a call” and “to give a team an opportunity to get to a Super Bowl.”

I wonder if he will get an opportunity.  I always thought he was close to being blackballed from the league and it appears that may be happening now.

Hopefully he gets another opportunity.  Considering how bad the quarterbacks were on the Bills last year, he had a decent year.  I don’t have any questions about whether he can still play; he just needs someone who doesn’t care about ESPN headlines.

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  1. A.C says:

    Two weeks, Evan Longoria was being a "leader" by getting in B.J Upton's face.

  2. Kirk Belgrave says:

    He IS in the best shape of his life, and he's a fantastic athlete. But nowadays, talent and ability are only half of what people care about, maybe less. I can't tell you how many people abhor Tiger Woods simply because of his moral life, and that has nothing at all to do with his skills at Golf. And since Lebron is "scandal free", the media loves using his name to grace every one of their sports headlines. Its funny that ESPN among other people always need to take something away from a person, even if it is totally unrelated to the issue. "Oh yeah, Terrell Owens is a hell of a player, but he's a drama-king". So what? His lack of humility has nothing to do with his ability to score touchdowns, but most people just want to make it out to seem as though his negativity regarding his personality overshadows his skills, and thats just plain biased. ESPN needs to keep THEIR mouths shut and stick to covering the sports, which I can say they do a very poor job in doing. Only the NBA/NFL/MLB etc analysts even know what the hell they are talking about.____tl

    • Kirk Belgrave says:

      tl;dr – ESPN should just talk about sports and not the players themselves. Otherwise, go gossip with Wendy Williams every night.

  3. Abdul says:

    ESPN is not the reason he had beef with Garcia in SF. The worldwide leader is not the reason he could not mesh with McNabb in Philly but for a year and a half. ESPN is not the reason he was jettisoned by Dallas. What hurts Owens is that he has had these issues on some good teams. He played on some decent teams for some years in SF. He had a chance to make he and McNabb one of the great QB/WR combos in the league for several years, but he blew that because of drama. He has the rep of a serial malcontent. NFL squads are leary to bring that into the locker room. I am a Buffalo Bills fan. Some want to say that he had a subpar year, and he did according to his HOF numbers. Without question, he was the best WR on the Bills in 2009. He still has some game left, but he has to look in the mirror to find out why he is still without a team.

  4. I do believe that if T.O. had a ring, some of his issues would be overlooked….that being said he truly lacks social skills….and at his age one would think he would have picked up some along the way. True, he doesn't get in trouble and he is a superior athlete, but you can't tape his mouth shut and have him play. So to act like his attitude and his lack of ability to get along should not be address or factored into the equation when a team decides to take him on is silly. I watched his reality show on VH1(shhhh….don't tell anyone) and as 'staged' as the show was, I could still see the 'real' T.O. showing through. He won't change who he is,nor should he…but he can't expect other people to put up with him either.

  5. damon says:

    I Think its business.If T.O bought his price down to 2 million he would be snatched up

  6. desertlivn says:

    How can he blame ESPN? He craved every second that ESPN had him on TV. If it was up to TO, he would still be on some ESPN show every day. TO is a desperate man. He fears that he may not exist if he's not in front of the cameras.

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