Terrell Owens Gets His #81 Jersey Because Antonio Bryant Does a Good Thing

While others media outlets are concentrating on T.O. missing a red eye or who will be first to be fined for an end zone celebration him or Ocho.

I think it would nice to actually do a positive story.

Antonio Bryant was giving the #81 Jersey when he joined the Bengals and even though for all purposes T.O. was brought in to compete for his job, Bryant realized there was an opportunity to turn it into a positive. Here are the details:

“I’m a realist,” Bryant said. “I said, ‘Hey, man, I’m not going to make no big spectacle about it. You’ve got a bigger legacy and a number than I do. I’ve been on several teams like you, but I’ve changed my number several times. You’ve had the same number. I don’t need your money. At the end of the day, all I want you to do is take care of one of my little league programs in Miami. Send them a small donation and we’ll go from there.’ ”

So the little leaguers get some new gear and that is much more important story than Owens missing his flight.

But get use to the media hoping upon hope that the T.O. experiment fails, because they get joy from that.

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