The Arrogance of Lane Kiffin Keeps Growing

From a collection of sources, the Nashville Tennessean is reporting USC football coach Lane Kiffin is trying to recruit Tennessee Titans running backs coach Kennedy Pola to USC.

Pola is a former fullback for USC and most recently the running backs coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars for the past five seasons.  Pola is making his commitment to the Titans quite clear.

Thursday, Pola told the Los Angeles Times, “In fairness, I’ve already made a commitment to the Titans and Coach [Jeff] Fisher. Obviously, if it was an opportunity, it would have to be more than a position job.”

Why on God’s green earth would Lane Kiffin think an NFL position coach would take a step down and become a college position coach??  Maybe the lure of working with the world’s most arrogant coach that hasn’t accomplished anything would be too much to resist….*blank stare*.  Kiffin’s greatest accomplishment to date is managing to piss off the entire state of Tennessee in less than 12 months.  Better yet, how about being the head of recruiting at USC during their most prolific NCAA violations.  A point I don’t think was lost on the NCAA, which is probably part of the reason for the severe punishment handed out by the NCAA since Kiffin is now the head coach.

Lane Kiffin should focus his recruiting efforts on his current players.  Top recruit Seantrel Henderson is getting cold feet. states that Kiffin has basically had to “re-recruit” Henderson and his family.  Henderson has yet to report to freshman orientation and refuses to comment on the situation.  Another ominous sign for the football program, but I’m quite sure the arrogance of Kiffin will keep him from seeing the situation for what it really is…..BAD!

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