The Best of LeBron, Wade & Bosh Photoshops aka The South Beach NWO

From the time LeBron James announced he was “taking his talents to South Beach,” all of us old school wrestling fans made the correlation with Hulk Hogan turning on Randy Macho Man Savage and joining Hall (Razor Ramon) and Nash (Diesel) to form the NWO.

The old school comic book guys went more for the SuperFriends angle, with Wade playing lead dog, Bron his sidekick, and Bosh as the 3rd wheel.

FYI: most women had no idea what the hell we were talking about.

InFamous BSO

Once that was established, a lot of creative gentlemen fired up the Photoshop and .gif maker to come up with these gems I am presenting to you right now.

Some classic stuff here, and as I get more I will be sure to add them to the gallery.

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