The Boston Celtics To Meet With The One & Only Kwame Brown

Amazingly, Kwame has been in the league for 8 years now.  Makes me feel old.  I don’t think he ever got over Michael Jordan calling him:

“A FLAMING F******”

People just don’t know how ruthless MJ was, don’t let those Gatorade ads fool you. 

But in the NBA, if you are tall, you can hang around forever … and Kwame (who is a free agent) will get a look from the Celtics; here are the details:

As a testament to the Celtics’ willingness to kick the tires of every big man who might help the cause, Danny Ainge and Doc Rivers have set up a meeting with Kwame Brown tomorrow in Orlando.

“We’re checking out a lot of possibilities – it’s still very early in the process,” Danny Ainge said today of what is certain to be a broad casting call for big men, including Shaquille O’Neal

After four NBA teams (Wizards, Lakers, Grizzlies, Pistons), Brown is simply attempting to catch on as an experienced backup.

“He lives pretty close to (the Orlando Summer League), so he’s going to drive down to meet with Danny and Doc,” said agent Mark Bartelstein. “They want to get to know him a little bit.”

I had forgotten Kwame was in the league, but he has been coming off the Pistons’ bench for two years.

His 2010 stats:

3.3 points, 3.7 boards, 0.5 assists in 48 games.

Dwight Howard is shaking in his “Superman” boots.

You know how sensitive Big Baby Davis is around Kevin Garnett; I don’t know how Kwame Brown would last more than two practices.

I am hoping he signs just so I can see that interaction between him and KG.

4 thoughts on “The Boston Celtics To Meet With The One & Only Kwame Brown

  • you know… i could never understand kwame. he was incredibily quick for his size and when he made a move the defender was left in the dust. but his attitude prevented him from being the player he could be. i mean you were drafted by MJ! Then he called you out!!! if those two incidents didnt motivate him… nothing will. but if the refs give him the benefit the "Defensive teams" get he can contribute to the celtics (My gawd i hate them….) but as a laker fan imma say "its not enuff".

    • I think his maturity just wasn't at the right level to deal with someone like Michael Jordan especially a michael jordan at end of his career when he was bitter

  • I remember many years ago there was a center name Robert Parrish who a lot of people
    were given for dead the boston celtics taught him to play bastketball by teaching him the fundamentals of this game that a lot of players on today NBA dont have and that Player
    became know as the chief and help Boston win 3 NBA championships all kwame needs to learn is to play this game with his head there is more to this game than being big he needs to learn to box out and to concentrate in his game i ve notice that he looks intimidaded by the fans and the noise if i was kwame i will definitely visit a therapist and
    have him hinotice and see if that will help him control his fear in the court .

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