Titans QB Chris Simms Arrested For Driving While Puffing Marijuana

Not a good time to have played football at Texas.  First Vince Young, then Cedric Benson, and now … Chris Simms?  Okay then.  Simms was busted earlier this morning while driving under the influence of that “Michael Phelps;” the New York Post has the details:

Tennessee Titans quarterback Chris Simms — son of former Giants quarterback Phil Simms — was busted on W. Houston Street this morning on charges of driving while stoned, The Post has learned.

Simms, 29, of Nashville, was observed with red eyes, flushed face and slurred speech at around 2 a.m., according to a source.

He spent this morning getting booked and awaiting arraignment at Manhattan Criminal Court on charges of operating a motor vehicle while impaired by marijuana.

Chris, Phil is not pleased.  Chris … CHRIS!  Wake up man, get some water, Funyuns or something.  How high was he?  Slurred speech and flushed face?  That’s what that Pineapple Express will do to you, or so I hear.  But seriously, the common theme with athletes in trouble presents itself again; he got popped at 2am.  These guys will learn that keeping late nights is not in their best interest.  No word from Goodell, but I’m curious to see what his stance will be.  Vincent Jackson is sitting for three games because of an alcohol-related offense; unless there’s an undisclosed medical condition, there’s no way that Simms was legally in the possession of the bud.  It’s not illegal to get drunk, but it is illegal to drink and drive; Simms compounded an illegal situation by throwing another illegal situation on top of it.  Seems like that’s good enough to net him at least one more game on the sidelines than Jackson.

Scooby and Shaggy were unavailable for comment.

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