Top 5 Reasons Why Kanye West Was At The Lebron James “Decision” Special

A lot of people were wondering why Kanye West decided to be in attendance at the Boys and Girls club where Lebron annouced he was going to play “Nightwing” to D Wade’s “Batman” in Miami.

I have a few theories:

1- He wants Lebron to endorse his new line a “low neckline” tees.

For those men who like the world to see their  Apollo Creed chest hair, Kanye has the perfect white tee for you.

Look at how it dips uncomfortably for no reason.  Lebron is supposed to be coming out with a new fashion line and maybe Kanye was pitching him on the tees?  Considering Lebron had on a “Marshalls” shirt he could use the upgrade right?

2- They are recording the rebuttal to Dan Gilbert’s letter.

You just can’t get hit with the “Ether” and just stand pat.  So Lebron and Kayne are right now in the studio recording:

“You Still Got Delhomme”

It will be straight fire.

3- Jay Z was out trying to convince Kwame Brown to come to Nets.

The Blueprint for greatest will start with Kwame Brown so he sent Kanye in his place.

4- To stop Brett Favre from interrupting the show.

There were reports that Favre was in the area and was very offended that Lebron had the whole world waiting with baited breath on his decision.

No one does that better than “God Favre” and he was going to make sure he wasn’t out shined, but Kanye was stationed in front of the door to make sure he couldn’t get in.

5- Mean Street Posse

When in Greenwich you always have to be prepared for a fight with the Mean Street Posse. Kanye was there for added protection since the rest of the NWO (Wade and Bosh) were in Miami.

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  • He's looking for all the free publicity he can get, now that his 15 minutes of fame have come and gone?

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