Video: Instant Classic Imaginary Playaz Fat Albert Haynesworth Theme Song

I have no ill will against Albert Haynesworth.

You know why?

Because in the immortal words of Dennis Green:


Haynesworth is the same as he always been and it is the Redskins fault for giving a player who has a rep for being lazy, playing when he wants to, having a volatile personality and never turning down a free buffet 30 million dollar in guaranteed money.

Haynesworth shockingly didn’t pass his conditioning test and the homies Imaginary Playaz decided to put in video form what we all are already thinking.

Sidenote the Imaginary Playaz sports parodies are absolutely classic (the best is the Dear Momma one with Lebron James and Delonte West). You can view them all here.

Did I mention the Redskins gave Haynesworth a 21 million dollar roster bonus check to cash this offseason?

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