Video: Kobayashi Choked Out by NYPD For Crashing Hot Dog Eating Championship


Kobayashi is “gangsta.”

Not “gangster.”


Long story short, Kobayashi went all Curt Flood, deciding he wasn’t going to sign with the National Food Eating League (it isn’t called that, but I didn’t care enough to look it up), so they decided he couldn’t compete in the Hot Dog Eating Championship in New York today.

So Kobayashi pulls a Gucci Mane (burrrrrr alert), shows up at the event with a “Free Kobayashi” shirt, and hangs out in the crowd.

After Joey Chestnut won again, he bum rushes the stage and gets choked out “Brock Lesnar” style by the New York Police Department.

The fact that Kobayashi weighs about 95 pounds and the NYPD used MMA-type force is all you need to know about why people have issues with the police, but I digress.

The Legend of Kobayashi continues.


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