Video: Terrell Owens Gets “Owned” By Street Baller Miles High Dunk at Rucker Park


T.O. and Ocho Cinco were balling at Rucker Park in the NYC last night and unfortunately for Owens it will be a night to remember as he gets owned on a dunk by a local street baller.

I am a bit surprised a riot didn’t break out. already has quotes from the Dunker who is about to enjoy his 15 minutes of fame.  By the way the dunker is named “Miles High.

After the game, the dunker was already talkin’ smack — saying, “[T.O.] should have never been underneath the rim … this is basketball, street baller thing … this ain’t football!”

I can not confirm or deny if Owens’ tried to confiscate the tape a la Lebron James, but judging from his reaction after the dunk he was not pleased.

Good news at least he has the NFL Season to look forward to.


Let me rephrase that at least his show got better reviews than Ocho Cinco’s show even though it didn’t get better ratings.

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  1. I mean okay, T.O. plays basketball and gets dunked on. If "Miles High" went to cover T.O. on the way to the end zone T.O. would score a touchdown every play. lmao.

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