Vincent Jackson To Be Suspended Three Games

In case you were wondering, Roger Goodell is still the commish.  No amount of bar fights or shot co-defendants can distract him.  You screw up in his league, he will find you, and you will pay.  Vincent Jackson now knows this to be true, being on the receiving end of a three-game suspension for violating the league’s personal conduct policy.

The suspension comes from a pair of DUIs the receiver, errr … received, as well as knowingly driving with a suspended license.  This definitely complicates things as far as Jackson making his way out of San Diego because teams are going to be less inclined to go after a guy that won’t even be playing until Week 4.

Roger Goodell has demonstrated that he’s committed to cleaning up the image of the NFL, and for the most part he has succeeded.  It’s a fact of life in the NFL that if you fall out of line, Goodell will show up to your house for dinner and shoot your wife in the shoulder.

“Someone thinks they can violate my policy and get away with it?  Good luck.”

Well, maybe not.  But you will miss a few game checks.  Almost the same, right?

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