Ways LeBron Could Have Handled This Better

Hindsight is 20/20, and this would probably be viewed as nitpicking, but tonight’s events were not well played by the “King.”  I know he probably did this to “enhance” his brand, but it backfired horribly.  Here are five ways LeBron could have done better:

1. Called Dan Gilbert 10 mins before his announcement.

He didn’t owe him the loyalty to stay in Cleveland, but he could’ve given him a head’s up.  Just call the man and tell him like a man.  He didn’t deserve to find out like a faceless fan.

2. Held the press conference at a different Boys and Girls Club.

No minorities were there and they aren’t exactly below the poverty level in the mean streets of Greenwich (see: Mean Street Posse)

3. Held his press confrence the same day as Wade/Bosh.

I don’t know if he was trying to send a message that “Wade County” had a new, more important resident, but that is how it came across.

4. Held the press conference with Wade/Bosh.

I think it speaks more to the character of Wade/Bosh that they weren’t pissed at the separate “event.”

5. LeBron could’ve just held a press conference.

There should have been just a simple announcement and that was it.  ESPN acted as if James had figured out the cure for cancer and needed a special to announce it.  LeBron was just as comfortable acting as if he did make such a discovery.

I just think that LeBron could/should have shown a little humility with this free agency fiasco.  King James has forgotten he hasn’t won a championship, and one isn’t guaranteed just because he chose Miami.  This much pomp and circumstance should be saved for the victory parade.  Ask Dwyane Wade, he remembers…

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2 thoughts on “Ways LeBron Could Have Handled This Better

  • I definitely agree with your 5 points, would have shown more class if he'd done any of those things.

    Dissapointed to see him taking the easy road to the championship, would have rather seen him stick it out in cleveland!

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