Alabama RB Mark Ingram Has “Arthroscopic Procedure” on Knee

There is no such thing as “minor” knee surgery regardless of what anyone tells you and I have my doubts that Mark Ingram will be anywhere near 100% anytime soon, but that is how Alabama is trying to spin it.  Here are the details:

Alabama running back Mark Ingram suffered a knee injury late in Monday’s practice, coach Nick Saban announced in a statement Tuesday, and has been ruled out for Saturday’s season opener against San Jose State.

Ingram, who last year became the first Crimson Tide player to win a Heisman Trophy, had “an arthroscopic procedure” done Tuesday morning, according to the statement.

“It was a situation where everyone involved thought it would be better to take care of now, so he would not have any issues with it later in the season,” Saban said.

For running backs especially those who have hopes to be drafted high in the NFL you don’t want anyone messing around with your knees.

Hopefully for Ingram’s sake by getting it done sooner than later, he will come back strong toward the end of the year.