Andre Johnson Is Now Officially the Highest Paid Wide Receiver


Big contract news in the NFL today as Andre Johnson just became the highest paid Wide Receiver on planet earth, with the new contract he is receiving from the Texans

Johnson who is in my opinion, the league’s best receiver is getting a 2 year contract extension worth $38.5 million with $13 million being guaranteed. With this added to the 5 years he had left on his prior contract which was worth an estimated $35 million, his deal is now worth $73.5 million over 7 years which nets him about $10.5 million

The Houston Chronicles Reports:

This will make him a Texan for life,” Texans general manager Rick Smith said.

The contract also has incentive bonuses and built-in escalators that can make it even more valuable.

“It’s important that Andre have one home — and that’s with the Houston Texans,” McNair said. “He will probably be our first Hall of Fame player. We wanted to make sure he went in as a Texan and he played his career as a Texan. Hopefully he will retire as a Texan.”

I don’t know about you all, but I couldn’t be happier for Andre. This is one player who couldn’t be more deserving of such a contract.

Once again, this dude in my opinion is the best wide out in the NFL period and for me it’s very blatant. I mean he’s a big physical monster, he has Great hands, he is one of the fastest receivers  in the league, and he is good after the catch, a phenomenal route runner, and can skin double teams alive.

And in reality if you can have a 1000 yard season with David Carr throwing the ball to you, that in itself makes you great
So I say congrats to Andre. I  can also appreciate when players play for one team their entire career, which is kind of rare in today’s day in age.

Best Players should = Highest Paid ….. no Albert Haynesworth

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