AOL Fanhouse Suspends Jay Mariotti .. Still No Word From ESPN

AOL (who owns Fanhouse the site that Mariotti writes for) has issued the following statement:

“We are continuing to gather all the facts. In the meantime, we have suspended Jay Mariotti and are not featuring any new work from him.”

So Mariotti hasn’t been fired.

No word on if he has been suspended with pay, which always to me gives insight on if a person will get their job back.

If AOL is still paying him basically it is an extended vacation until either more facts come out that would result in a firing or it blows over.  If it blows over they will try to bring him back in quietly and hopes no one notices.

As far as ESPN, they have had zero comment since saying they have no comment the day of the arrest.

Since Around the Horn, the show Mariotti is frequently on was preempted by the Little League World Series they didn’t have to make an immediate decision.

You would think though by Monday they will make some sort of official announcement or they will just ignore it and act like Mariotti never existed.

More than likely they will take a stance similar to the AOL stance where he will be kept off air until either it blows over or it becomes obvious he is Ike Turner.

I will be watching closely.