Awww Kerry Rhodes Misses Jets..Wants To Talk About Revis So Bad!!


A lot of times when you see your EX going through some drama you want to talk about it soooooo badly.

The reason is simple you wish you were involved, you want to be in the drama, you want to be the one everyone is talking about and the one on Page Six.

You want your beard to be featured in the New York Post.

You want to have HBO Crews following you around.

Alas though your EX has moved on without you and all of the friends (fans) that you got by being with her have left you to0.

You have been exiled to the desert where your “flash” is basically ignored.

Funny how that works out.

Poor Kerry Rhodes who has been forgotten by most while his former New York Jets teammates are getting all the love, is crying out for that attention on Twitter of course.

Who knows what he will be “dying” to talk about next maybe LT’s Jet tattoo.

More tweets.