“Big Baby” Glen Davis vs Joe Budden

Glen “Big Baby” Davis was in a twitter battle yesterday with Joe Budden. Yes, Probasketball Player vs Professional Rapper. Budden took first shot, he made fun of Big Baby’s “Teach me how to Dougie” dance.” Then mayhem ensued.

Thisis50.com has play by play…


“lets revisit the Glen Davis s***, mind u, he’s home ALONE !!!! smmfh ..


“can any Celtic fan or NBA player defend this buffoonery ??? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j**80L9eJhA.”


“Tell Joe burdens !!! I don’t play with trash , I take it outside !!! Plus he’s broke has hell!! I think his fans forgot about him!!”

“Plus when the last time he made a hit cd or song !! Come on homes you Got to do better!!! Ayo baby ps don’t worry about me, just do you.”

“hey @iambigbaby11 , shut your f***** ass up … ol’ “i love boxing n****z out” ass n****”

“hey @iambigbaby11 keep it 100 …. u asked 4 your championship ring in pink, right ??”

“i know 1 thing @iambigbaby11 , u ever try 2 use the urinal next 2 me & i’ll f*** yo ass up, try me … wait, i take that last part back.”

“this dude @iambigbaby11 will tell a n**** “suck my d***” & mean that s***.”

“tell the truth @iambigbaby11 in your spare time u dress in drag ?? 4 Halloween u was that crazy dude from “Silence of the lambs” ??”

“this b**** ass n**** @iambigbaby11 plays “neighbors know my name” to get hype b4 the game ??”

“Joe !! Who ever that fool is!! Have no clue In the world who he is really no joke!! I really have no clue!!! Where we from we call guys like that lames from Spain.”

“Take your ass to Spain and go sale some CDs ! Or at Least Burn your s*** and sale at the comer store !! You might Make some money you clown!! Paint your face !!!”

“Make some money you clown!! Paint your face !!! Ayo baby!! How you like those apples !! Clown!! Hahahhahahahah.”

“Doc Rivers – i want u 2 start next game …. @iambigbaby11 – nah coach, i like sitting on wood.”

“hey @iambigbaby11, tell the truth, what would u have done if the trophy was shaped like a d*** ?? >>>>http://twitpic.com/2forbo.”

“ATT. ALL NBA PLAYERS – watch this n**** @iambigbaby11 next time y’all play the Celtics.. he go “Hard in the paint”, if u get my drift.”

“ya’man @iambigbaby11 was the only n**** runnin around wearin a NBA Jersey dress … in a 10x too.”

“smh @iambigbaby11 , ol “catch the bouquet at a wedding” ass n**** …. keep playin with me .. wait, scratch that last part”

“Like I said I don’t play with trash!!! I take it out!! Ayo baby!!!!!!”

This was a mismatch, Joe Budden is a rapper. Glen didn’t have a chance. If they go 1-on-1 at ball park Glen will certainly have upper hand in that field.

Ultimately, who cares about this? Nobody. It’s a signed rapper with no recent hits versus a bench player. Its similar to when Carmelo Anthony was beefing with Bomani Jones. Sports personality vs All-star & Oylmpian. Why beef? When Jay-z twitter beefs with Lebron for not coming to Nets i’ll be hype. That’ll be a worthwhile battle. What these battles got me thinking was of a song by Mos Def-Beef, you should listen to it.


In any case, BSO’s Kris Moyo has must read pieces on this latest Dougie dance and professional athletes who dance it. Take a read here & here.
Written by Jovan. You can follow him on twitter.

5 thoughts on ““Big Baby” Glen Davis vs Joe Budden

  • Big Baby ought to know better trying to beef with an attention whore artist, who really has no popularity anymore. He's on a World Championship Team, has a ring, and doesn't need to prove anything to him. He just brought himself down to Joe Budden's level, which really is pretty low.

    C'mon Professional Athletes, pay attention to the traps!

    • I agree Jarren

  • "Bench player.." A key bench player who was instrumental in helping the Celtics in both title runs. Please. Do your homework next time. Thanks.

  • this article gave me reason to smile again. lol lol

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