Cardinals and Reds BaseBrawl

As mentioned earlier, Brandon Phillips , second baseman from Cincinnati Reds, made an interesting comment about the STL Cardinals. He basically called them “little B’s“. How did the Cardinals respond?They got it cracking. You can see it at Check it out.

This is what I like to see. Baseball players get a bad rap for being soft because the usual thing to do to show you don’t like someone is to hit them with a fastball. There is something unmanly about having to use a weapon from several feet away to show you don’t like someone.

This was a legit fight. Not hockey quality fighting, but its decent enough.

Good for the Cardinals showing some backbone. Didn’t know they had it in them. As for Brandon Phillips, zip your mouth and watch your back next time your in STL, Cards fans are top 5 in the league. You dont get away with saying things like that about their team. Just saying….

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