Carmelo Anthony On Nuggets’ Contract Extension: “I’m Unsure”

Carmelo is in a tough position.

If he signs his contract extension with the Nuggets he probably ends up with more money than if he became a free agent.  If and when a new collective bargarning agreement is made it will severly limit big money long term contracts.

Even worse than that if there is a lockout there won’t be a “Summer of Carmelo” because there won’t be any NBA when he is a free agent.

On the flipside he sees all his buddies trying to do the Superfriends thing.  He still has to deal with the Lakers in the West and he knows the Knicks would open the vault for him in 2011 and his wife has a New York State of Mind.

So I can see how he could be a bit confused about what to do.  Here is what Melo had to say:

“I think my decision is my decision,” Anthony said, according to The Denver Post. “I don’t think it’s based on who is in the front office or anything like that. I’m going to make my decision based on my feelings.”

“I could wake up tomorrow and they could snatch it off the table,” Anthony said, according to the Denver newspaper. “I don’t know. I don’t know what their mind-set is.”

Anthony said his loyalty to the Nuggets’ fanbase and organization has never wavered.

“I’ve shown that over my seven-year stint here,” he said, according to The Denver Post. “I don’t think anybody can question that. But at this point in time, I have to do what’s best for me and my family. I’m just taking my time, figuring out if I want to take that extension or not.”

The most important thing to take out of those statements is when he says it is “my decision”, sounds a bit Lebronish, but it is true.  The decision he is going to make will be based off if he thinks he can win in Denver as the man or if he needs some Superfriends help.

In my opinion if their is basketball after next year you will see Melo in a Knicks uniform.

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  • I think Carmelo should sign the contract extention because maybe his fanz dont want him to leave the Nuggets. And my answer about the trade is tell them no. We believe in Melo!

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