Darrelle Revis: “I’m Hurt and Frustrated By Holdout”..Oh Really..

On August 15, 2007 Darrelle Revis signed a 6-year, $30 million contract that included $11 million in guarantees with the Jets.  On that date Revis became one of the highest paid cornerbacks in the NFL without ever playing a down.  As of August 1st, 2010 Revis has collected over $16 million dollars of his$ 30 million deal.

He has started all 48 games of his NFL career, he is a two time pro bowler, one time 1st team all NFL and runner up in the 2010 Defensive player of the year.

Justifying the $16 million dollars he has been paid for his three year career.

So what is Revis’ issue now?

He feels he is under paid.  According to his twitter account he is the best corner in the league.  According to my common sense one solid year, one good year and one great year doesn’t mean you are the best, means you were the best for that particular year (depending on who you talk to).

He wants more money so he is holding out.

He feels he has outplayed his contract.  Here was his statement:

“We waited until last possible minute with hope of getting something done. Darrelle won’t be there,” Revis’ camp said in a statement to the New York Daily News.

Revis’ agent Neil Schwartz went on to say his client was hurt and frustrated. “He was extremely disappointed. He was very deliberate with his family weighing everything in his decision,” Schwartz said.

In reality what Revis is saying isn’t that he outplayed his contract, because for the 1st three years he was paid like a top flight cornerback. What he is saying is the last three years of his deal aren’t paying him like a top flight cornerback.

The interesting thing about that is if Revis was a garbage player he still would have received his $16 million. I doubt though he would have given any of that money back if he didn’t produce.

Agents front load these rookie deals (and veteran free agent deals) as security just in case the player turns out to be a bust. The more money at the beginning of the contract protects the player and lines the agent pockets more.

The flip side of that is when a player is great, the back end of the contract is low and then you have these type of situations like you have with Revis.

Should he be paid like the 6th best cornerback on the Jets roster of course not, does he have anyone to blame but himself and his agent not at all.

Tom Brady is at camp even though he is grumpy the last year of his front loaded deal is far below market value. The reason he is in camp though is it is best for the team and he is “under contract”.

Revis right now is doing what is best for himself.

I have no issues with that, some players are more concerned about themselves than the team and that is their right as Americans. But don’t give me a sob story about how hurt and frustrated you are when you are on twitter talking about how you can buy any car on the lot and not hurting for funds.

No need to lie, just tell the truth.

You want more money and you aren’t going to risk injuring yourself while waiting to get it.

Simple and to the point.

The thing about Revis Island is he appears to be reading a lot of his own press clippings on it.

Guess he could afford Wi-Fi with the 16 million he had in the bank.

10 thoughts on “Darrelle Revis: “I’m Hurt and Frustrated By Holdout”..Oh Really..

  • No, this is the year for Revis to sign a new contract. No one knows what the new cba will do and what sort of cap will be in place in the future. No cap violations this year and teams will definitely be using that as an excuse/reason not to rework contracts. The Jets will have even more $ from playing in that new stadium, so $ isn’t an issue for them.

    Difference is Tom Brady is a QB and has already made how many 10’s of millions? Unless your name is Brett Farve, how often do qb’s miss camp unless it’s a rookie contract issue?

    Revis is a legit shut down corner. How many of those in the league? The numbers last year speak for themselves.

    He’ll get cut as soon as soon as he’s consistently under performing his contract. He’s out performed it so it’s time for a new deal especially w/ a potential lock out looming & new CBA coming.

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