DeAngelo Hall Has CSN Reporter Kelli Johnson Take Her Heels Off

Who knew that DeAngelo Hall had a Napolean Complex?

I just thought his complex was in regards to tackling and thinking he was Deion Sanders.

It appears Hall doesn’t like when Miss Johnson has her heels on she is a tad bit taller than him.

Here are the details:

“Did you actually get Kelli Johnson to take her heels off for that interview?” Chick Hernandez asked Hall during Comcast SportsNet’s post-game show.

“I did I did,” he admitted. “She was too tall. If I was 6 feet like [Carlos Rogers], I wouldn’t have to do that, but I’m 5-11, so she definitely had to take them heels off for me.”

“He demands I do this every time,” Johnson pointed out.

“She ain’t about to make me look bad,” Hall said.

And thus, here are feet. From left: Johnson, Hall, Rogers. Gotta love thepreseason.

Is it just me or has this been a weird summer?

Actually it goes back to Elin swinging the 9 Iron at Tiger ever since then things have been strange.

The Summer of Lebron, divorces, twitter Beefs, lot of arrests, murders and now overrated cornerbacks asking reporters to take off her heels because he is insecure about his height?

Maybe it is all a dream.

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