Deion Sanders Sued For $1.8 Million

When you say the words ‘prime time’, you automatically associate that with NFL great Deion Sanders.  He’s made plenty of money from that branding and now it may have gotten his tuckus in trouble. reports that a lawsuit was filed in Texas accuses Sanders and others of defrauding investors.  The suit alleges that Sanders got investors to back a publication that would tout promising high school athletes.

Sanders and co-defendants claimed that ‘PrimeTimePlayer Pages’ would be sent to more than 500 colleges and universities to promote featured student-athletes.  The lawsuit also alleges that about 50 parents paid to have their child included in this book. Plaintiff  Lawrence Smith says that by February 2010, the football issue hadn’t been distributed and the basketball issue was never created.  Smith said he apprised Sanders of the situation via a confidential package, and subsequently received a call from the former player, who said he was unaware of the situation and the complaints that had been received as a result, and that he would “take care of it” and get back to him. Smith said he never heard from Sanders again.

These are just allegations and both sides will have their day in court. It will be interesting to see how things will end up, being mixed up in defrauding high school kids is not a good look for a commentator of the NFL Network.  Issues with college recruiting is a very button topic and I’m sure the NFL wants to stay far away from any scandal.  Stay tuned……

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