Donovan McNabb Gets Pranked by New Teammates(Video)

We hear countless stories of training camp pranks, especially rookie hazings. Looks like McNabb has become a victim of a prank courtesy of Chris Cooley. McNabb is the new guy on Redskins so you know he needs to get pranked.  Video can be seen at, wait for video load after clicking)

So yea, it wasn’t the greatest prank. It looks like he may have seen kid before and acted surprised when he jumped out. #Shrug at prank. You can do better than that Cooley.

Just throwing this out there, but doesn’t the kid look kinda like Chucky?

Anyways, if he would have sprung out that locker on me I would have given him a 3 piece special, just saying.

H/T to Shutdown Corner for finding video and story.

Written by Jovan. You can follow him on twitter.

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