Dwayne Wade: “Opposing Teams Can Thank Us Now”

So now that the Miami Heat has quickly become the one of the most hated teams in sports, It seems that Dwayne Wade is enjoying playing the villain and is embracing the fact that his squad has now become public enemy number one in the eyes of many.

In a recent interview, Dwayne Wade expressed  the fact that he knows wherever TRIami will be playing it will be a spectacle and that opposing teams should appreciate what the Heat coming to your town will do for them……BAWSE

Here is the quote courtesy of Yahoo Sports

“I understand people are going to say stuff. And we accept it with open arms,” Wade said. “And even on the road, because every place is going to sell out when we come to town. So [opposing teams] can thank us now.”

That quote comes from an article posted Tuesday by Israel Gutierrez entitled “Stars will align on NBA calendar for new-look Miami Heat.” Wednesday that quote was gone from the piece, but since Wade’s quote has already been around the Internet and back, we’ll always have record of it.

Even stranger, a similar quote from Wade “We’re going to give Miami a show every night. And on the road every place is going to sell out when we come to town, so they can thank us now.” is present in a Miami Herald article from July 13. Seems kind of fishy, right? Not quite as fishy as a huge profile being pulled from ESPN, but still.

I don’t know about you all, but I’m loving this new dark side to Dwayne Wade #NoJohnAmaechi . Wade realizes that he has went from one of the NBA’s Golden Boys to Big Meech and Larry Hover in a heartbeat and what I like most about this, is that he is embracing it.

Call Wade egotistic or whatever you want to call him, but its not like what he was saying is false. Whoever the Heat are playing will automatically get added exposure and an increase in attendance… and its not like the avid Heat Haters (who in my experience are 8 times out of 10 extreme laker fans) are going to boycott the Heat when they come to your town, Why? Because you will be in line spending your rent money on a ticket to watch this squad play

There is no denying that Wade is feeling himself a little more since LeBron and Bosh came into town, but really who cares…this is good for the NBA any way you look at it, the league needs villains and the Heat , particularly Wade is welcoming that title.

And to be honest, Wade has played the nice guy role ever since he got into the league, so I don’t blame him for turning into Kyle E Watson from Above the Rim from time to time…..#JamarcusSmirk

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3 thoughts on “Dwayne Wade: “Opposing Teams Can Thank Us Now”

  • I would feel a lot more comfortable about this "embrace" of the villain role if it was more than just one of the three embracing it. I can't be one dude and two shrinking violets. That said it will still be interesting to see how this shakes out win or lose.

  • Wade can say whatever he wants now. It is still the postseason. I want to see how this "NWO" faction plays itself out in the postseason. That separates Kobe from LBJ. 5 rings for my man Black Mamba to zero rings for the so-called King. Bosh and LeBron proved that they can't be the lead option on a team pursuing a championship. They went down to Miami, especially LBJ, to eat off Wade's plate.

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