“Evidence” of Brett Favre’s “Package Pics” Transgressions?

Two days ago we heard a rumor that Favre may have gotten a little freaky with a sideline reporter during his time with NY Jets via deadspin. The captain of the BSO ship made great commentary of this new Favre Fiasco(read here). Of course this was all taken with a grain of salt. Mr.Daulerio, the editor-in-chief of deadspin even noted that there really wasn’t any tangible proof of such pic existence. This morning he lets us know that there could be some evidence. During this morning’s #wakeupdeadspin piece Daulerio brings to light an interview done by one of Jenn Sterger’s former friends Allison Torres yesterday on Playboy radio. Daulerio gives us the ever so eloquent highlights of her interview. If you want to see video you might want to fast foward to 2:16 mark of video.

“I’ll never forget when it happened….[h]er phone is the biggest little black book of these secrets. I’ve seen more naked men and shenanigans. It’s unbelievable. These boys just love to send their beautiful pictures. She showed it [Brett Favre’s cock] to me two years ago.And I listened to a voicemail, too, that he left her…”

You get the gist.

And how was Lil’ Slinger?

“Nothing to write home about.”

Aw. He’s just having fun out there.

Is this the smoking gun? The key piece of corroborating evidence? Who knows? A few questions could be asked to remain unbiased. If the girl knew of such pics, why did she wait until know to tell the story? Better yet, why didnt she steal pics or voicemails and sell them to TMZ back then.  Also, she is described as a “friend.” Friend in quotations usually means no good. Possible frenemy situation going on. Google Jenn Sterger and then Allison Torres and see who gets more hits and professional listings. There could be some resentment and this is perfect chance for Torres to bring her down while brining her back into the spotlight, just saying…

Of course, opposing claims come out, TerezOwens reports that Sterger is lying.

So the jury is still out. Until either party speaks or photo/recordings are produced, this won’t be the last time we hear about Brett Favre’s junk.

Anyone want to take a bet which happens first, the pic/voicemails being produced or Brett Favre un-retiring? My money is on un-retirement.

Main pic located here.

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