Former Raiders QB JaMarcus Russell Admits To Using Codeine and Failing Drug Test

First let me say I appreciate JaMarcus Russell honesty.

Now that we have that out of the way, how stupid is JaMarcus?

His boy is trying to take all the blame for his Sizzrup adventures and here come JaMarcus yapping to ESPN basically confessing his sins.

You do that after the charges are dropped not before.  I am starting to think that Russell is mentally retarded or the Purple Drank his destroyed what little common sense he had. Who in the middle of a criminal investigating goes on National TV and basically says:

“I am not guilty, but I do partake in the drug I am being accused of using from time to time”

But of  course JaMarcus says he doesn’t have a drug problem here is what he told

Free-agent quarterback JaMarcus Russell told ESPN’s Colleen Dominguez he tested positive for codeine after the Raiders drafted him with the No. 1 pick in the 2007 draft.

Russell said he had a prescription at the time, but it was not from the team doctor, so he failed the drug test. He says the allegations of drug use stem from that positive test.

Russell also said he has used codeine without a prescription but that it has been three years and that he does not have a drug problem.

I know one drug JaMarcus wasn’t taking:


If it was steroids, his dealer needs to get in contact with A-Rod’s cousin because the stuff he was giving JaMarcus definitely wasn’t a “performance enhancer”.

Smarten up Nas.


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