Gamers: NBA2K11 Preview feat. Michael Jordan Shrug and John Wall’s Dance

NBA2K11 goes on shelves October 5th. From the looks of it, it will be flying off the shelves. A complete roster of current players and even a special treat for basketball fans, “MJ: Creating A Legend.” explains, in MJ: Creating a Legend mode,  players will take control of Jordan as a rookie and guide him to legendary status on any NBA squad.

“He is rated a 79 overall, which gives you plenty of room to improve, but he has all of the physical tools of Michael as a rookie — the fast speed, the high jumping, the quickness — but he lacks a lot of the shooting skills and the offensive and defensive awareness,” NBA 2K11 producer Erick Boenisch tells ESPN.

So you can guide Jordan to greatness in Portland, join Amar’e and Melo(maybe) in New York, or even join forces with the South Beach NWO.  This is an awesome feature to this game.  It makes it a “must-have” for any true sports gamer.

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  • Let me start by saying I'm in no way a gamer and I'm not that big of a basketball fan. That almost converted me into both…..almost.

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