Lakers Guard Shannon Brown: “Monica is my Woman..Now Mind Your Business”

I remember back in the day when you had a problem with someone you would talk to them directly, you would ignore it or handle it behind close doors.

But in this new decade of social media when you have a issue you just make a statement via Twitter.

Lakers guard Shannon Brown has been rumored to be dating R&B singer Monica and  he felt the need to clear the air about their relationship and his relationship with the mother of his child.

A- I didn’t even know he was dating Monica

B- I didn’t even know he had a kid.

C- I didn’t know the media was covering this.

I need to subscribe to US Weekly or something.  Brown decided not to follow the 140 characters rule on twitter and decided to “tweetlonger” and let the media know how he feels:

I will have to go to Twitter myself to see what all the drama is about.

In an unrelated note, I always liked Monica she has a pretty voice.

Anyway I don’t know if Shannon Brown consulted with his brother Chris Brown before making the statement.  I am sure he would have given him some sound advice on relationships.

At least Shannon knows Jay Mariotti won’t be writing about him and Monica for awhile.

7 thoughts on “Lakers Guard Shannon Brown: “Monica is my Woman..Now Mind Your Business”

  • You're An Idiot, Shannon Brown Is Not Chris Brown Brother!

  • No, you're an even BIGGER idiot for not identifying the obvious sarcasm.

    Also, what the phuck is in the water that these professional athletes are drinking? Theres so many b*tch-made athletes these days: You gotta "Address the issue" on twitter? Jigga shut the phuck up and play basketball. Who cares what the media says. You're not getting paid millions to have a perfect life. So focus on basketball, not what everyone is saying about you.

    Jesus Christ people.

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