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Lebron James on Cleveland: “We Hated Cleveland Growing Up..We Still Hate a Lot of People in Cleveland”

by Robert Littal | Posted on Tuesday, August 17th, 2010
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King South Beach has spoken.

To GQ Magazine of course.

Lets look at some of the quotes and I will translate them for you:

On Dan Gilbert:

“I don’t think he ever cared about LeBron. My mother always told me: ‘You will see the light of people when they hit adversity. You’ll get a good sense of their character.’ Me and my family have seen the character of that man.”

James added: “It made me feel more comfortable that I made the right decision.”

Speaking in 3rd person is always a plus. His mom gives a lot of advice for someone who is 40 going to 1st Fridays at the club (no Delonte). With that being said, I believe he is correct Dan Gilbert cares about money like most owners do, so if Lebron  believed he cared about him like a step son, he was being naive.  Lebron made a business decision and Gilbert made a PR decision in attacking him.  They are both fronting.

On Cleveland:

“I understand that a lot of people would be hurt” in Cleveland by his decision, but also said that growing up, he and his friends from Akron didn’t always like Cleveland. Akron is about 40 miles south of Cleveland.

“It’s not far, but it is far,” James told GQ. “And Clevelanders, because they were the bigger-city kids when we were growing up, looked down on us. … So we didn’t actually like Cleveland. We hated Cleveland growing up. There’s a lot of people in Cleveland we still hate to this day.”

Basically he is saying Cleveland sucks.

On spoiled fans:

And he said Cleveland fans were “awesome” but didn’t take back his comment late last season that those around him were “spoiled” by his play.

“I love our fans. Cleveland fans are awesome,” he told GQ. “But I mean, even my family gets spoiled at times watching me doing things that I do, on and off the court.”

Most die hard fans are spoiled by championships. One problem with Lebron is that it appears he already believes he has reached the pinnacle because he is super famous and one of the best players in the world.

In reality, until he wins a championship he will be known as a great player who couldn’t get it done. All fans are spoiled, that is why they are fans. But that isn’t something you throw in their face, because if they weren’t spoil and treated you like ‘royalty’ (pun intended), you wouldn’t be able to call yourself a ‘King’.

On Charles Barkley Criticisms:

“Charles was probably trying to be funny. It wasn’t funny to me.”

I don’t think Chuck was trying to be funny. He was being honest in saying that Lebron going to the Heat was “moist”. You can agree or disagree with Barkley, but the point is what is Lebron going to do?

Lebron says he has a list, but in reality it is highly unlikely that Lebron will ever wrestle leadership of the Heat from Dwyane Wade, so he is in a Catch 22 situation.

If he was a True “G” he would punch Barkley in the face on the TNT set, that would show me something.

Basically it is another fluff interview with Lebron loving Lebron.

Also why does Lebron have on “skinny jeans” in that pic? Never mind I don’t want to be put on the list.

The Summer of Lebron continues.

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  1. mobb says:

    hmmm i thought Joakim Noah said it best,Cleveland suck,you dont hear anyone say i am going to cleveland on vacation do you.

  2. Tony says:

    LeBron is beginning to show how "moist" he really is. Especially with that outfit and the comments about Cleveland kids. I keep hoping the kid will grow up a little and repeatedly he does something to prove otherwise. Thankfully true professionals like Kevin Durant & Derrick Rose are in the L.


  3. thebestofthedarkside says:

    I can't believe he spoke of himself in the 3rd person in the interview…really, who does that?!

    I agree with Tony, we keep waiting on LeBron to grow up, but I think this is it…this is as mature as it's going to get. The only way I can see him growing up is his 'sidekick' leaving him and him gaining some perspective….MAYBE…

  4. DeSean says:

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, even BlackSportsOnline. But even this is reaching.

  5. A.C says:

    Rob, you have been green-lit by the South Beach NWO.

  6. Jarren says:

    I thought it was kind of interesting how another website (www.theybf.com) reported the same article about Lebron in GQ, but actually in a more positive light. In fact, they included the snip about Lebron talking about going back to Cleveland. I find it remarkable, however, that this article mentions nothing about that at all, because that of course would be a positive thing that Lebron said, and from the lools of it, nobody seems to care about that. Its only when he speaks his mind and says something semi-negative that everyone jumps on his case about what is and isn't right for him to say.

    At least if you're going to report an article, report the whole thing. Don't pick and choose which paragraphs you choose to include, especially if you already have a biased opinion of the guy to begin with.

    • thebestofthedarkside says:

      well Jarren, why include the snippet about going back to Cleveland when he feels the owner doesn't care about 'LeBron' and he has motivation to play even harder against Cleveland. So with the double talk, wouldn't it be editors choice to decide which side of LeBron's mouth to go with?

    • jjjj says:

      That's because there is nothing positive about what LBJ said! He is an egotistical moron! The fans were spoiled by what he did on and off the court?!? Really!?! How does one lose touch with reality that badly… What a sad, sad world we life in.

      • Jarren says:

        Interesting that the GQ article mentioned NOTHING about his fans being spoiled in his play. That was something he said previously, and it really is moot at this point. However, because the writer included that little snippet in THIS article, and chose to NOT include anything he DID say that was potentially borderline positive, I could see how you read the writer's words for the actual article. Not taking away from BlackSportsOnline or its writers, but its pretty clear that Lebron is being viewed in a negative light here, regardless of what he says or does. If he wins every game next year and has one bad game, everyone will forget the great he's done and hop on the small bad. That's what I;m saying.

        • Robert Littal says:

          Actually we took the comments straight for the GQ site and no one is painting him in anything giving an opinion on what he said.

  7. wow, Jarren soundin a lil moist right now– probably b/c he's tryin to promote his "other website".

    Realtalk, though, does anyone get the sense that LeBron is basically saying that the Cleveland/Akron divide is similar to a white/black, rich/poor divide, hence justifying his decisions? I def. don't agree with LeBron's decision-making, but he's basically exposing Cleveland as a racist city.

    • Jarren says:

      Actually, I have no affiliation with that website at all, but I completely understand that you didn't even address one thing I said, but rather, skewed off onto an entirely different topic. If you want to discuss something I mentioned, we can debate about it, otherwise, feel free to stay within your comfort zone.

      @thebestofthedarkside: What I'm saying is that everyone has their own interpretation of a situation. If this website promoted in bright lights Lebron James in any positive light, the responses would be different.

      • Jarren says:

        I read that same article and I thought to myself, "Lebron's not being bitter or 'moist', but he's just talking about the truth". Lebron didn't say anything negative about the Cleveland Cavaliers, but rather said "growing up, we didn't get along with Cleveland guys", similar to how certain parts of the city don't really mess with each other. In fact, he DID say that he wouldn't throw the idea of possibly returning to Cleveland out the window. All I'm saying is, if you're going to post something, post the whole thing. Don't just cherrypick the negative points that are going to spread your own biased opionion even further. Ok, you dont agree with Lebron's way of doing things. We get that. Let's report something legit for once…

    • Amir says:

      Go look at the population demographics of Cleveland and Akron. More black people live in Cleveland than in Akron(and it is, of course, the bigger city). The race baiting is out of control in the argument over this player and I suspect it has something to-do with trying to make him look better after making one of the biggest mistakes of his life. He was talking about hating other black males from Cleveland , mostly likely those that played on rival high school teams. Anyway, its just an excuse for the fact that he gave up and/or had no intentions of leading a champion team in the city.

  8. Ernest says:

    I agree with Jarren. Some people are just so ready to hop on the "bash Lebron" bandwagon that they are reaching on every single comment and interview. He wasn't being mean-spirited in this interview, he was simply stating how it was when he grew up. That's something that was also mentioned by other people from Akron when he went back there for the "Bike Day" with the kids. However, some of you are speaking as if he has said anything even remotely as disrespectful as what was said to/about him in the Gilbert letter or by the people in Cleveland burning his jerseys. If you simply don't like Lebron then fine but don't make mountains out of molehills out of otherwise non inflammatory responses in a GQ interview.

  9. Heather B says:

    I think Jarren is helping Lebaby write "the list". BSO Beware the South Beach NWO is coming for you!

    • Jarren says:

      Like I said to someone earlier, if you want to discuss something I said earlier in detail, I'm more than open to talk about it. Then again, if you don't have an original thought of your own to share, I wouldn't be surprised.

      Also, I don't have anything against BSO or the writers, but just remember that these articles are opinion-based for the most part. Granted, some of the articles I have agreed with (check comments), but I think it goes without saying that not everything you read is certainly correct. If you read something on this website and feel compelled to repeat it and even mimic the lingo without sharing an original thought of your own, then more power to you. I don't have any issues discussing any of my comments, or being proven wrong, if that is the case. You may stay in your comfort zone though.

  10. Mcschneider says:

    We all know Lebron is childish and has been living in a bubble his entire basketball career. Get over it. He thought he was doing the right thing. His decision? I would have dont the exact same thing. If my choices are playing with Mo/Antawn, Rose/Noah, Amare, or D-Wade/Bosh….I'd have to be a complete moron to choose anything but D-Wade/Bosh. Yeah, the whole TV show thing was wrong, but he legitimately has done nothing irresponsible since then. Saying he's taking notes of everyone blindly talking shit about him? Yeah I'd do that too. Speaking the truth about his childhood relationship for people from Cleveland? Sounds pretty legit to me. He's done literally nothing to bash the Cavs organization and has received nothing but hate. I can see exactly why he would want out of Cleveland. The owner clearly is not a mature, reasonable owner. If the opposite event occurred and Bron left Miami for Cleveland, Pay Riley would at least try to maintain a little bit of dignity. He might actually thank Lebron for the best 8 years his team has ever seen. He might apologize to fans for losing a 2-time MVP in his prime when he was practically handed to the Cavs after they tanked pathetically (the Heat tanked too and ended up with Michael Beasley. Awesome.) He definitely wouldn't make up a "curse" to follow Lebron and give far-fetched championship predictions to the fans. I would have gotten the hell out of there too.

    Back off Jarren. He's the only person here that puts together logical thoughts. That includes this posts author.

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