Lebron James Returned to Akron Today…Uh-Oh!

Lebron is BAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!! He returned home to Akron today. Certainly he’s going to see family, friends, and maybe see Browns practice, who knows? His main reason for coming was to host his Annual Bike-a-thon. Want to guess how his hometown reacted when they saw him? Guess….Well according to AP report, James “Thanked Cleveland fans amongst a friendly crowd of about 400 kids.” This is an upgrade over his thank you letter just to Akron. He actually thanked Cleveland officially.

You can hear full speech at Akronnewsnow.com of him thanking Cleveland by clicking their media link. Here’s a snippet & video of Lebron’s speech and Gloria sighting:

“Always, every year, this is the most, probably the most precious, the best day for the year…because I’m able to give back to the city I grew up in, the city that I love, and the city that I will always give back to.”

Good stuff Lebron. Of course, I found this  story a little surprising. When I heard Lebron was coming back to Akron I thought the worst. Especially considering the circumstances he left Cleveland, leaving a bad taste in everyone”s mouth in the process. I thought every Clevelander(especially Mr.Gilbert) would have date circled on calender to do something to the ex-King. I thought they’d make the trip to Akron with megaphones calling him names, hoisting protest signs, forming lynch mobs, or worse. The story is developing as Lebron is still in Akron. I hope nothing goes down, especially since this is a children’s event and Lebron finally acknowledged Cleveland. Let it rest.

PS, good for Lebron doing good things, especially in your hometown, keep up the good work. I just wonder what this does for his new South Beach NWO image? What do you think?

In any case, updating as news or pics develop. Enjoy some pics of LeBron. PS, How big is that bike, haha.

Lebron is no fool, its looks like he got bodyguards with him. The funny part is he is bigger than all of them, haha.

Written by Jovan. You can follow him on twitter.

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