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Lebron James Tweets: “I’ve Taken Mental Notes On Everyone Who Took Shots At Me”

by Robert Littal | Posted on Tuesday, August 10th, 2010
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I have a message for King South Beach:


I think all these guys have been listening to Rick Ross way too much this summer.

Talking like they are Big Meech and Larry Hoover.

Just play basketball.

Best way to shut up the critics?

Average a triple double during the season and lead the Heat to the title.  You don’t need to talk tough on twitter, don’t need ESPN specials, don’t need to see you dunk over little kids and I don’t need to hear you calling your woman a sidekick.

What I need to see are triple doubles and playoff victories.

I want Lebron to embrace his darkside, but not by being a twitter gangster that is something I would expect from Mo Williams & Matt Barnes.

Serial Killers move in silence not via twitter.  If I am critical of Lebron what is next he is going to “poke” me on Facebook?

You are Lebron James the King of South Beach and leader of the South Beach NWO, you are better than this.

The Summer of Lebron continues:

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  1. rookdagreat says:

    bwahahaha hilarious KingGansta LOLOLOL Yes Bron Bron unless you can GUARANTEE "triple doubles and playoff victories" it would be wise to shut it. The wrath of failing to do so will mean much more than your "mental notes". Still LOL

    • Robert Littal says:

      Twitter gangster is not th business

    • I DON'T CARE says:

      I'm so tired of all of it, Lebron James Plays Basketball, thats it. He does not solve our economic issues, or our jobless problem he is just another selfish individual who really believes that he is king. We have so much more to fix than athletes that make rediculus amounts of money to playt games. Our core is rotting away and we are worried about this guy. I'M DONE.

    • Rod says:

      Every last one of you don't matter LaBron can buy every little pissy thing you own out from under you and take a dump on it and throw it on the side of the road and you still would get it and use it. This man served out his contract he can go where in the hell he wants. No chuck the punk move is when your fat funky ass left Philly then you punked out again and went to Houston. Sometimes you speak sence but on this one you are brother and sister tounging wrong.

  2. thebestofthedarkside says:

    lol..he should not only take mental notes, but write them down and have a one hour special announcing the list he made. Now that one should be done on Comedy Central…

  3. The Other P says:

    Don’t talk about it, be about it.

    LBJ’s is a prima donna who may not have a dark side. He’s almost unstoppable driving to the cup but settles on jumpers and he’s not a jump shooter. His game will go the route of VC’s when his athleticism starts to go. But VC probably has a better J.

  4. Abdul says:

    LeBron has made one bone-headed decision after another this offseason. Tweeting about taking mental notes on everyone who took shots at you? Real killers don't have to broadcast their intentions. They just go out executing. That is what made MJ. That is what makes Kobe great. We know how intensely motivated Bryant is. We know that he has his detractors. More importantly, he knows he has his detractors, but you never hear him mention the haters. I haven't been a fan of how he has conducted his offseason. But, he needs to just keep quiet and be about improving his all-around game. Stop calling your beautiful girlfriend a sidekick and stop dissing Cleveland. Get some hardware and be the biggest assassin on the floor and I'll give you some more respect.

    • Robert Littal says:

      Real killers move in silence everyone knows that.

    • BassBan says:

      Lebron don't need your respect, Lennox Lewis never got the respect he should have but he is one of the best boxers to ever fight, everybody keep trying to compare Lebron to Jordan like Jordan made all the right decisions, how soon we forget, remember the gambling, cheating on his wife, what ever happened to his dad? why don't you guys compare real life decisions? Lebron made the right decision and time will tell real soon!!!

  5. kapps says:

    you will never be jordan , you ran away to a stacked team……jordan , pippen ,''luck longley'' , '' bill wennington '' ,'' dennis rodman , ron harper an steve kerr ?

    • Joe says:

      No difference, AND Pippen could shoot three's! Bosh can score more than rodman could so it is a draw. It takes both Wade and LBJ to even compare to one MJ. In Chicago they were three special players and NO ONE will wever be Michaels equal just because! I am in Miami and wanted just bosh and other good players and hope it pans out but lots of pressure. Bottom line he shold shut up and playhis ass off, the only thing that erases haters is success!

    • rod says:

      U can blow the skin pole like all the other haters

  6. kapps says:

    cmon lebron you had bettter then that in clev wait i forgot jordan also had the unstopable '' bill cartwright'' your a side kick an always will be now ………within the next 7 years you def would of gotten atleast 1 ring in clevland an it woulld of meant alot more to your game , style , attitude an youll never be considered a truee champ….i aint even from cleveland i doubt you care what every1s writeing anyway but for what its worth youll never be a real champpp

    • Jim Brown says:

      I am from cleveland and I think he should have been a man about the exit. You Lebron, will never be considered a champ let alone a king. King of what? The projects in Akron.

  7. BYAClothing says:

    i dont think its a hard statement at all i think he's basically pointing out the fake as people who have been cheesin' in his face then making negative comments behind his back. I don't know why everyone read into this as someone being hard. I can see if he said yea i heard what you said be prepared to catch a fist in the mouth when i see you that's different. Im speaking from the point of view of a person that's not even a fan of LeBron… he can't fk with Kobe and this move will not solidify anything in the end… they'll be going with a thorough ass beating from the Celtics when its all said and done.

  8. Thomas says:

    Ive got you all in my mental notebook LMAO that is hilarious

  9. Jmack says:

    Or you could stop reading/watching him and just live your life, and stop criticize him for NOT being what you want him to be.

    True he's no OchoCinco media whore, but I wouldn't call him moist. I'm sure every athlete makes comments about the negativity they receive. Going on Twitter is another story though. He doesn't need to broadcast the obvious, he should just bust a$$ on the court like he's used to.

    And "lol" at the people hoping Lebron fails. He's a top-caliber player. If anything, he is GOING to dominate even more than he did previously. He's not suddenly going to wake up in Miami and say "How do I dunk? How do I shoot jumpers?"

    Get real, he'll be iite.

  10. RossMarino says:

    Where's your story about the Reggie Bush/Kim K drama? I thought you'd practically JUMP at the opportunity to post Kim K pics, while picking apart Reggie at the same time.

  11. ZAIEL P.R says:


  12. BassMan says:

    I've never seen a day when people can't do what they think is best for themselves, I hope for the sake of the haters Lebron james win 75 games and average 30 point win over every team in the league, what will you hater have to say if that happens? When you wish bad for someone watch how far it get you and them. Every thing this guy do or say its something wrong with it, You guys act like kids and sound like little boys who Lebron has taken their girlfriends. Stop crying and watch the heat as they make history. Good for you Jeff VanGundy!!! You said it all!!! Now they are hating on you, WOW!!! You guys talk about Lebron and his decision and pick apart everything he says like he should do and say everything you guys want him to do, are you guys looking @ all the things the cavs fans are doing and reading the crap you guys are saying about him? WHAT IDIOTS!!!

  13. GeneT says:

    This is all so silly. LeBron is a great ball player but is still very young and immature. I blame his business manager and associates for his mistakes. LeBron, if you are taking notes it's best to keep your mouth shut and dominate the courts. Then in 10 years when you break ever record it won't be tarnished by your silliness. It took Kobe years to recover from his immature actions. Live and learn. When you score the most points by the end of your career, who will really care about all this stuff anyway. BTW, don't dis the mother of your kids. That's getto!!!

  14. bobby says:

    No one will give a rats ass about Miami winning a title or any titles. There will always be a dark cloud over any titles that Miami will win. NBA fans will watch the Heat in hope that they choke and do not win any titles. There has never been an individual player in the history of the NBA that is so hated. This is a man, or should I say a kid, that has proclaimed himself a chosen one and a king. People and fans despise arrogance

  15. Bobby says:

    This kid is surrounded by complete idots that are advising him. He comes to Akron and finally thanks Cleveland fans months after he leaves. The fans that adored and idolized him for the years as a CAV and even in high school. The Cleveland media pulled out interviews from James where he stated that he was committed to Cleveland and how he will bring a championship to the city.
    Then he bolts. The majority of the fans that watched the Decision were Cleveland fans. You should have seen the people that were all over the downtown Cleveland area supporting LaLoser when all the teams came to Cleveland to meet with him. Even the rally that took place in Akron. There were thousands there to support him. The scumbag is a flat out liar and that is why we can't stand King James, I mean Queen James. Fans can only hope that Miami will choke so we can all laugh and say, I told you so…

  16. JLB says:

    Ok, the only problem I have with Lebron's decicsion to leave was not his decision to leave, but HOW he left! It was tacky, tastless and inconsiderate. I don't know, but I am sure Mr. James had known for sometime he was leaving the CAVS. He let Chicago, New York, and Clev think they had a serious chance of luring him; knowning all along…he was on his way out! This was very inmature and not professional; and a cloud will always be over his head for this decision.

  17. JLB says:

    I don't care how many championships he wins with the Heat; he took the easy way out…it's like playing with a "stacked" deck. How many times did Jordan get his but kicked year after year by Detroit…the battles against the Lakers, Celtics..but they won 6! Same team! Kobe…Shack said, LA would never win a championship…did it TWICE just to show it wasn't a fluke the first time SAME

  18. BassBan says:

    Everyone hate Lebron and the Heat because they are the best team in the nba!!! Bottom line people hate winners!!! Why, I do'nt know because there's enough loser i the nda. You guys say Lebron is young but he act alot older than you guys, You guy are the ones who need to grow up. Campionships don't mean anything? get real!!! The thruth is you guys never liked Lebron James, when he came out of high school you are the same ones said he was'nt going to be a great nba player, now that he is you guys want him the look bad, thats why what ever he say or do you guys blow it up, "BUT ITS HARD TO BE LITTLE WHEN BIG GOT YOU", and in you guys case its hard to be big when little got you!!! There's a new team in town and its not Boston or L.A, it's the HEAT!!! So get use to that name because you are going to hear it alot in the next 6 to 8 years;-)

  19. Gary says:

    I'm here reading both sides of this incredible argument, but the fact of the matter is this, Lebron James will never go down in history has a great player, Sir James will always be remembered has a player that could not build a winning team around him, but went to Wade's already successfull team, let's not forget Wade has a Ring and didn't need Lebrone to get one. This will be a disaster when it's all over, Celtic will win the east with the big guy as Wade did with him, isn't this Ironic , Celtic, LA in the NBA finial.

  20. G-Money says:

    lol@ Wade's already good team? I could of sworn they finished in last place 2yrs ago. LeBron did what all his fans OUTSIDE of Cleveland have been suggesting since he got swept by the Spurs in 07 … and THATS LEAVE THE SORRY ASS CAVS. The cavs sucked plane and simple, LeBron made that team what it was and now since he's left that team and city's true colors are showing, they are WEAK. Yea LeBron, you should of stayed until your knees went out and were considered the new Tracy McGrady … a player who had all the potential but no title. You should of stayed until your OWNER decided to Fire .. i mean uh TRADE you to the raptors or the Grizzles, than you could cry about it like Iverson. Should of just followed ur destiny of being a total complete wash of a player and NOT do what any logical person would of done and … left Cleveland. Who cares if you win 11 Titles, your the "Barry Bonds" of Baskerball now .. you'll have an astrisk by your name since ur not "Jordan". In all actuallity even Jesus needed help … he freaking had 12 desciples!

    • yomama says:

      The Cavs sucked so bad they finished first place during the reg season when they battled mostly healthy teams. STFU

  21. Juice says:

    LeQuit, Le-CHOKE, Le-QUEEN JAMES needs to be quiet…You haven't done anything. and your threats are inmature FODDER..IF U KNOW WHAT IT MEANS. You might win 1 or 2 championships being under the wings of Wade…but GREAT PLAYER….U HAVE A LOT TO DO TO PROVE YOURSELF AND THEN IT WON'T MATTER..

  22. Jonsun says:

    LeBron, I used to have my 7 year old son look towards the way you used to handle yourself on and off the court. But, now I tell him that LeBron is not the person that we thought he was and that it was OK to respect the way he plays basketball but not the person that he really is. Ego's will get in the way in Miami and this team will not win a championship until they break "the three greats" up. I thought there was five players on a basketball "team". If one or even two of these players get injured, this team will not even make the playoff's. If they do make the playoff's, LeBron ALWAYS chokes in the playoff's. Wait until a few years and he stabs Miami in the back when he leaves there. MJ, Dr. J and M. Johnson are still at the top of the best.

  23. surgeten says:

    A bunch of freakin haterz up in this mofo….. Thea Heat will win 3-4 titles in the next 5 years.

  24. jazzyT says:

    Doesn't he know he will never live his decision down. He can twitter, blog, etc. but it doesn't matter what he says or does he ran away from Cleveland. Dwayne is the man in South Beach not a Lebron. It's going to be interesting to see Lebron work hard to TRY and help Miami win another ring a few years down the road oh cause it ain't gonna happen anytime soon. Lebron is an overrated player.

    • Gary says:

      You are correct as I said Dwayne has 1 ring, Lebron has 0. Your right it wont happen any time soon and of course Labron is over rated, couldn't do it in Cleveland and can't do in in south beach, Lebron go party and show your true slef.

  25. Darnell says:

    Mo Williams isn't a thug, so why would you expect him to issue an idol threat. I've known Mo since he was an 8t grader in Jackson, MS. Always a very good kid. You should not paint a person in a false light…..

    • AzCleve says:

      Are people saying sh!t about Mo? What for? He as of yet, and I am sorry I have to say it that way, has never shown himself to be a thug or a punk.

  26. puddin says:

    I find it so ironic that so many ppl continue to complain about this young man personal choice to leave the City of Cleveland, regardless of the manner inwhich he did. So many try to discredit this young athlete based on his ability to play the game but those who are doing these things wouldn't be able to handle the press of the NBA as they speak!! Try walking a mile in another man shoes before you criticize their personal choices in life! The NBA may look like a easy task..especially when your on the outside looking in!!

  27. jameskatt says:

    Lebitch, u r a backstabbing mf. U made all them Cleveland kids live in misery. U dis Cleveland baby. Yor Tweety tweets are nuthin. Mental.

  28. BBreezy says:

    He's been taking notes on me?! Creepy.

  29. AzCleve says:

    This what was meant when Mr Gilbert said the Curse is gone, its gone to the city of flamers. Every thing Queen James does or attempts to do will be bashed. She will experience the opposite of happiness every where he ventures. He will not be able to enjoy the spoils of her ill-gotten gains, because Queen James herself, and everything she accomplishes will be disrespected.

    Bad Karma is on the trio and their fans. She can't go to an amusement park-she can't go to a wedding-she can't get $ advice, she can't dance, she can't pound his chest-she can't do sh1t w/o getting dissed. She will have to stay angry for her entire career. I wonder if that will wear heavy on her?

    And this Bad Karma is not just pointed at Queen James, Baby Boy Bosh, will now see it move squarely toward him. The moron, told news reporters that during the FA period he was getting off screwing with the emotions of people. He'd tell them stuff that wasn't true just to see them squirm.

    While you certainly have the TRIO down there, but what are they a trio of? Three pieces of human defecation. Kind of like sh!tb@lls! Hey, Sh1tb@lls and tarballs, is there some similarity there? I think so!
    Instead of enjoying the season, you fans will have to put up with all the sh!t that is going to come your way. You'll be in constant defend mode. Won't that be fun!

    And this notion that playing the game will stifle the criticism, is pure fantasy! She is not be criticized for not being able to perform, and therefore performing will shut them up. The Slickster Pat, Queen James, Queen James's husband, and their little toddler, Baby Boy Bosh will be criticized for what kind of people they showed themselves to be. If they are great they will be criticized for ruining NBA, if they suck they will be laughed at for being jokes. There is no upside here!! NONE. This is a complete destruction of every ounce of goodwill they created and nothing can be done to stop it.

    It's like watching an accident about to happen and there is nothing that can be done.

    Enjoy the Train wreck that is Called the miami heat!

  30. DietrichKaiser says:

    "ran away to a stacked team"? More like he and his buddies Wade and Bosh had it all set up from the start. Wade was leaving Miami otherwise and Bosh, heck, the guy could only flop his arms and woof like a hungry gorilla during that pathetic little show. I could barely understand anything he said besides "you know… man… you know… man… hoooo!" He couldn't wait to leave Toronto, never had anything going hoops-wise. And LeBron's personal show tried to soothe the B & G Club while, as always, caressing his insatiable, weak ego. But back to the point, LeBron got killed by the Celitcs… again. Can't wait till my greens meet them again and send them packing to everybody's awe. Go Celtics!!!

  31. fukitall says:

    so everyone on here has ready way too much into this, all he said was he took a mental not of all the shit talkers, and almost everyone on here turned it into something bigger as if he was bragging about himself. ive like lebron as a person and a player since he joined the league, he gave everything he had in Cleveland for 7 damn years and they did nothing to help him out except sign some old washed up vets that only got in his way. he could have handled this whole situation so much better but all this bashing on him isnt justified so fuck all u haters. if i spent 7 years somewhere and this is how it ended up the first opportunity i saw to go somewhere that wanted to build a team to win it all id be fuckin gone too, at least hes not a sellout like amare and went to one of the most disfunctional organizations in the nba (knicks) just so he could be big man on campus and make top dollar and further prove how much of a lazy self centered cream puff of a big man he is…

  32. Clevefan says:

    Why would he make empty vague threats? The guy tried to cover up his egoism display of choosing his team by saying he took less money and donating proceeds to charity. In all reality Wade,Bosh,and James are represented by CAA, which LeBron owns and the charity is a tax write-off. Their clear collusion gave the owners ammunition at the negotiating table. LeBron forgot no player is bigger than the game and his actions proves he thinks otherwise. That is what people are turned off by.

  33. Av8tor62 says:

    Hey ! LeCrap I want to be the 1st on my street to be be on"Yer List" ;better yet come on by an let me introduce my self to ya ;Corp Air – Hng 27 Youngstown Mun. Airport

  34. juan says:

    i dont get it…why do people luv to jump on the badwagon? Shut your mouths up!!! you guys are hating because you guys can't do what lebron can!!! he makes money and you guys make a thousand or two! Just stop hating and stop pretending like u know! Barkley and his big mouth can talk all he want and he's got no ring! Tell me who was able to win without help? magic? didn't he have kareem and a few other hall of famers? jordan? didnt he have a few hall of famers? kobe? how'd he do without help??? um, couldn't even get pass the 1st round of the playoff…and when he did win he had two of the best centers in the league in Shaq and gasol….and fisher (future hall of fame) and a lot more…so just shut up!

  35. juan says:

    lebron aint overrated! he has lived up to the hype , he has done what he can for his team. didnt kobe threaten to leave LA because he didnt have help. lost shaq and started losing and crying, always getting mad cuz he couldn't get into the playoff and then when he did get the lakers in they couldnt get pass phoenix in the 1st round. wat did he do he demanded a trade?? what does that mean? aka he's saying, "i can't do it by myself.i can be the scoring champion but i can't win without help!!!" so he got help he even got the best coach there is in the game of basketball. Now lebron had no help but he made his team better by his assist and passes and what did he do…1st year no playoff but after that not only playoff but finals and deep into the playoff only to lose to superior teams.so right now in the league he is the best of the best.that's why he's the "mvp" 2 years in a row. take his team and put someone else in his place:kobe, wade, durant, see how far they can take the cavs.actually wait til regular season and lets see how many games the cavs will win? i bet you it'll be one of the worst team in the league! so overrated?

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  38. Gabriel says:

    NBA titles Back to Back!!!!! L.A!

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