Let’s go Camping!!! NFC Style

Ok, we have looked at some of the major headlines cover the AFC as we enter training camp…

Now, a look at the NFC

Kings of the Bayou

Fresh of their Super Bowl victory, do the Saints have what it takes to repeat or are they still partying hard on Bourbon St? There has not been a back to back Super Bowl champion since the Patriots won it back to back in 2004 and 2005. Do Sean Payton and Drew Brees have what it takes to get the Saints “marchin” on back to the Big Game?

Challengers to the King

Who are some of the teams that are early favorites to knock the Saints off the champion’s throne?

Dallas – With a strong draft to compliment the team that first knocked of the undefeated Saints last season, can Tony Romo and the ‘Boys get over the hump? Who will compliment Miles Austin and Jason Witten in the passing game? The defensive side of the ball looks strong, but if the front seven can’t get pressure on the quarterback, is the secondary up for the challenge?

Minnesota – It’s summer, so the annual Brett Farve “Is he back or not” watch is in full effect. From the looks of things, he will be back, and the Vikings will be ready to head into the season looking to put the “Interception” behind them. It looks like the Williams “brothers” will not face any suspensions from the NFL for their roles in taking banned substances. If Adrian Peterson can hold onto the ball this season, look for the Vikings to make some noise in the postseason.

Green Bay – Looks like Aaron Rodgers has won over most of the fans in Green Bay. Overlooking his untimely “fumble” (AZ fans, that should have been a facemask penalty negating the fumble recovery that was run back for a TD), the Packers are back and healthy. They will need someone to fill in the gaping hole on their front line, now that Johnny Jolly has been suspended for the season, but if they can do that, they should be ready.

Teams under the Radar

What teams are being overlooked that could potentially make some noise in the NFC?

San Francisco – The 49ers look like they may have built upon last season’s success. Alex Smith has some great weapons on offense with Vernon Davis, Michael Crabtree, and RB Frank Gore if he can remain healthy. The defense is loaded, led by super LB Patrick Willis. With all of the loses that defending NFC West champs Arizona had, look for the 49ers to make a run at the division title.

Washington – The Redskins have had a very tumultuous offseason, from the hiring of Mike Shannahan, the trade to bring in Donovan McNabb, and the drama with Albert Haynesworth. If Shannahan and Snyder can get a decent receiver, and Haynesworth gets into camp and wants to work, the Redskins can battle for one of the Wild card spots this upcoming season.

That’s it folks! Look for my divisional predictions once the Pre Season is over!

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  • I like your predictions but I don’t know if I would put dallas at the top or the skins at the bottom. Just my opinion. And Favre is a untimely interception machine who is a step slower than last year. I can see the NFC getting shaken to it’s core.

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