Mack Brown Thinks Reggie Bush Should Give His Heisman to Vince Young


Mack Brown had some interesting things to say about Reggie Bush’s Heisman Trophy. Check it out:

Mack Brown told Dan Patrick on Monday that, if the Heisman Trophy Trust takes back the trophy that, for whatever reason, Bush can’t or won’t surrender on his own, the award should go to former Longhorn quarterback Vince Young.

Brown took it a step farther, arguing that if the voting had been deferred until after the bowl season in 2005, Young would have won the Heisman outright.

I have a few problems with what Mack Brown said.

Does he expect us to ignored all the money Texas gave to Vince Young?

Does he expect us to believe that Vince Young passed all his classes without any “help” at all? That he did this all on his superior intellect?

My point is and it has nothing to do with Vince Young, but more how these college coaches like to ride their high horse like they aren’t cheating too.

We don’t believe you, you need more people.


  1. U know if may be tru that Reggie needs to give back the Heisman I will let the powers that be decide that, but Mack is just annoying and I wish he would keep his mouth shut

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