20 Year Old Marcus Jordan Blows 50K In A Matter of Hours In Vegas


In what should be a teenage version of ‘Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous’, Michael Jordan’s son, Marcus prides himself on blowing $56,000 on two night clubs in Vegas.  Sportsbybrooks.com has the scoop:

How did a 20 year old kid get into Haze Nightclub inside Ariza Hotel and Casino and what amount of non-alcoholic drinks could total $35,000 is beyond me.  Oh, you don’t think it was non-alcoholic drinks either? hmmmm…

Well, in addition to Marcus realizing that amount of money in a nightclub was stupid, someone got in his ear that tweeting about it was stupid too.  If you are looking for this tweet on Marcus’ timeline, don’t bother, it’s been deleted.  I hope his dad did a courtesy slap upside the head along with a ‘Boy, are you stupid!” if he was the one that found out about the tweet.

Marcus and his brother Jeffery were in Las Vegas for their father’s Fantasy Camp at the Mirage Resort Casino.  A $15,000 per person camp.  Maybe spending $50,000 isn’t that stupid after all.


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