Michael Vick on the 2nd Season of his Reality Show: “I Put a Stop To That”

I enjoyed the Michael Vick Project on BET.

I understood it was created to give a human side to Michael Vick’s life and for most part he seemed sincere in his efforts to rehabiliate his life.

Then shootings started to happen at “All White Parties” and you had to question if he had learned anything at all.

It is unclear if a 2nd season was suppose to happen, but according to Vick, if BET was even thinking about he put a stop to those discussions.

StraightfromtheA.com has the details:

Michael Vick has reportedly canceled the 2nd season of his BET reality show, “The Michael Vick Project.” Vick says he would rather concentrate on his game on the field rather then having cameras in his face 24/7.

“I put a stop to that. They asked me to do it. I don’t have that lifestyle.”

When asked about Vick’s comments, BET says Vick didn’t cancel the show….and neither did the network. “The Michael Vick Project” canceled itself.

Regardless of who made the decision it was the right one. At this point the only thing that is going to change Vick’s perception is if he starts playing better on the field.

Just from some general observations his athleticism appears to has return, but his inaccuracies as a passer have come right along with it.

Unfortunately without meaningful regular season starts we might never know if Vick’s comeback is complete.

One thought on “Michael Vick on the 2nd Season of his Reality Show: “I Put a Stop To That”

  • I not a fan, put I think this is the right decision. It shows a great deal on maturity on his part.

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