Nostalgia on full blast right now. This game is the definition of a throwback. We all remember those epic phrases: He’s on Fire and Boomshakalaka, need I say more? Don’t forget those days/night of youth having NBA Jam marathons. I played with Knicks. Starks and Ewing all day baby, haha. Rosters, phrases, and other gems about game here. Alright, back to reality.As you may or may not know, the game is getting revamped and was initially set to release only for Wii. Today we get news that NBA Jam is coming out for PS3 and X-Box 360. Good news for those who want to relive nostalgia on new systems, right? Well:

“EA Sports is packing a free, one-time only download code for “Jam” in every copy of “NBA Elite 11″, giving basketball fans two games for just $59.99 when the titles launch October 5.”

So you have to buy NBA Elite11, aka the new version of NBA Live to play NBA Jam. Everyone who I know that plays basketball video games prefers the NBA2K series. So its a little messed up that to enjoy NBA Jam you have to get Elite. I guess NBA Elite will do everything in its power to sell games, they’ve been lacking in gameplay and sales to main competitor. So they changed their gaming engine and coupled it with this 2 for 1 NBA Jam special to possibly stimulate sales. You have to do what you have to do to sell games. The competing game nba2k11 might have a better gimmick to sell more units. You have a chance to play with some guy nicknamed MJ.

Sales will indicate who will win the basketball video game war this year. Wonder who it will be….

And in other news gaming news, whose ready for the new Madden?

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2 thoughts on “NBA JAM: HE’S ON FIRE!!!

  • Starks and Ewing went hard, but i still gotta roll with Payton and Kemp. ‘Zo and GrandMama were good to tho.

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