Nike Executive Brandyn Cooper & Michael Haynes Accused of Sexually Abusing Woman in NYC

According to the NYPOST, Michael Haynes(journeyman basketball player) and Brandyn Cooper(ex-college player and current Head of NBA Marketing at Nike) could be in trouble. An unidentified woman has accused both men of sexual assault. The details are:(children don’t read)

“Michael Haynes, 29, who most recently played power forward for Ludwigsburg in Germany, allegedly held the woman down as pal Brandyn Cooper, 27, a Nike marketing exec, performed oral sex on her, authorities said.”

If true wow…Two healthy men in their 20s, for lack of a better phrase, forcefully tag teaming a girl is not a good look. Of all places as well, the Ritz-Carlton…According to the post, the female accuser knew one of the men but its not clear how she ended up in room. I’m not going to guess anything, it wouldn’t be fair to either party.

In any case, Haynes and Cooper were college teamates at Fordham University and were in town to watch Nike World Basketball Festival. Supposedly many NBA players and execs are staying in the same Hotel as well, who knows what else might arise. More details will surely develop and may clear men completely or bury them deeper in the dirt. One thing is for sure though, the stain of having your name attached to sully sexual assault story is not a good thing. Cooper is an exec at Nike as well, we’ll see what his status will be soon enough. Cooper is pictured below during playing days…

Now remember kids: They are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Let them have their day…

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4 thoughts on “Nike Executive Brandyn Cooper & Michael Haynes Accused of Sexually Abusing Woman in NYC

  • Our family knew Brandyn and his family in high school and he had a very upstanding reputation as does his family in the Atlanta community. I hope this is not true because it would be very uncharacteristic of Brandyn.

  • Totally not true , just another cause of an ignorant person with nothing, trying to take advantage of other people for gain . This scheme got played out in the early 90's . In other words this is straight [email protected]*it. DC

    • DC tender, where you there? You are making a blanket statement without the knowledge. Think about it, all the rich NBA players that she could have accused instead if she was trying to get paid. These two guys don't make any money worth going for.

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