Tim Tebow “Hazing” Pics..Got Him a New Hairstyle

HOLY JESUS, MARY, & JOSEPH….Tebow got the rookie treatment. Let me go on record that I never would have thought he’d be given the rookie treatment. Considering his legend, I doubted anyone would have cojones to pull it off. It has happened and through the Broncos most recent acquisition Lendale White’s twitpic account, we see the aftermath.

This most certainly makes him one of the guys now. Will it make him a better QB? Doubt it it. Godspeed Tebow…Godspeed…

As for Dez Bryant. If TIM TEBOW got hazed, you no longer have case why you couldnt get hazed. Take it like a man.

Now to leave you with Tebow’s jockey commercial.

And again, I never thought I’d see the day this would happen.

H/T to Sportsbybrooks.

UPDATE: We have another pic via Perrish Cox tweetphoto account.

Ps, what kind of name is Perrish Cox, haha.

We have more pics

Found here, here, & here.

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