Pics: Did Nuggets Guard JR Smith Get The Worst Tattoo Ever?

If I am Carmelo Anthony and was looking for one thing to sway me from either staying with the Nuggets or high tailing it out of town this would be it.

The Nuggets lead the league in tattoos by a wide margin.

The best example I can give is that the Nuggets Tattoo records are like Jerry Rice Wide Receivers records, meaning it will be a long time before anyone gets close.

JR Smith aka JR Swish as he is known on Twitter has decided to add on the record book with this interesting creation.

At first you probably notice the “SWISH” written on the neck (by the way Smith shot 41% from the field last year so maybe the tat should have been “BRICK”, but I digress). If you look a little closer right underneath the Swish you will see “Young Money” across the neck as well.

So is JR an unofficial member of Young Money? Is he and Bow Wow coming out with a duet?  Will Drake be singing at Nuggets games?  Does he know if Nicki Minaj booty if fake or not?

Either way the question was did JR Smith get the worst tat even for a professional athlete.

Of course that would be a negative that honor will always go to:

7 thoughts on “Pics: Did Nuggets Guard JR Smith Get The Worst Tattoo Ever?

  • Ok…that looks gross. Do better

    • You know you think that is sexy

  • that tattoo looks like herpes or a rash of some sort.

  • To the person who wrote this, I know a few people who have young money tatted on them before young money was affiliated with lil wayne. Celebrities are not the first people in the world to do everything. Stop worshiping these people like their gods. Who gives a fuck, bring some real news to the table.

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