Plaxico Burress Denied Early Release From Jail AGAIN..

On the one hand Plaxico Burress has no one to blame but himself for the situation he is in. He didn’t get his gun registered, he didn’t have it properly secured in a holster, he didn’t check it in when he went to the club, he lied to the police, he tried to cover it up and lastly after he was caught, he could have taken a plea deal for far less time, but he didn’t.

With that being said he got two years for essentially shooting himself.

I guarantee you Mariotti if found guilty or takes a plea deal won’t get two years.

And yes I know different states/different laws.

But sometimes we need to use the:


T.I. was ready for war and got a year. Delonte West was the Terminator and didn’t spend a day in jail.  Plaxico is being made an example of and in my opionion it is wrong.

TMZ explains why Plax was denied for a second time:

Burress — who was locked up for illegal gun possession after accidentally shooting himself at a NY nightclub — had requested a  “temporary release” so he could play football again.

But officials denied his request stating, “The serious and negative impact illegal guns have on the community coupled with dangerous nature of the weapon discharging in a public place renders him unsuitable for work release participation.”

All I can say is:


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