Plaxico Burress To Be Released Soon and Giants May Take Him Back

To all future professional athletes that end up in prison(i.e. Johnny Jolly), please take note of these two words: GOOD BEHAVIOR. It’s more valuable than gold when it comes to trying to get out of prison. It worked for Michael Vick and now it looks like it’s finally working for Plaxico Burress.

George Willis of the reports that Burress is expected to be released “within the next two-to-three weeks” for good behavior.

If you remember, Plaxico was sentenced to prison for having an unregistered gun in which he ‘Cheddar Bob’-ed himself inside a New York City nightclub.  He accepted a plea agreement in which he was sentenced to two years in prison.  With the outside world within his sights, I’m sure Burress wants to make good on his words, “I’ll play again” words he told Bill Cowher in an interview from prison.

More than likely Buress would be released into a Work Release program.  Even then will he have another major hurdle to face, Big Daddy Goodell.  He will most certaintely have to face some suspension for his crime.  The good news is, once the suspension is lifted, the Giants are willing to take a look at him.

New York Giants general manager Jerry Reese said “they would investigate it“, when asked about Burress.  Burress will be 33 on August 12, and visitors says that he is great shape and is “free of pain for the first time in years.”

I do hope Plaxico is released soon, he received way too much time for his crime.  The mayor of New York tried his best to make an example of Burress and the mayor won.  That isn’t to say that Burress was not too smart for not taking the first plea agreement with included much shorter prison time.  I hope Big Daddy Goodell doesn’t make an example for him as well.

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