Raiders WR Darrius Heyward-Bey Misses Four Straight Practices Because He is Tired

Just imagine if I decided to stop writing posts for BSO because of fatigue.  Imagine if my excuse was dealing with Tebow’s fans and Cromartie’s kids took so much out of me, that I needed to watch the internet from the sidelines for a few days.

You would laugh at me right?

Because I get paid to report stories 24/7 day or night.

I take pride in what I do and I appreciate my readers, so I would never use “fatigue” as an excuse that is just soft to me.

I am a “Dollarnaire” not a multi-millionaire like Raiders Wide Receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey who is too tired to practice.  Here are the details:

Heyward-Bey didn’t have a catch in his preseason debut, but he did have a drop.  Jerry McDonald of the Oakland Tribune notes that Heyward-Bey has disappeared for long stretches on the practice field.

Lately, Heyward-Bey’s disappearance has been literal.  The second-year isn’t injured, but he’s missed at least four straight practices with “fatigue.”  Raiders coach Tom Cable says Heyward-Bey worked too hard this offseason and his legs are tired.

“I feel bad for the other guys out there and me missing,” Heyward-Bey said.  “But we’re working hard out there, so it takes a toll.”

Heyward-Bey is 23 years old.

I doubt that he worked harder than say Larry Fitzgerald or Andre Johnson in the offseason, but you don’t see them taking days off because they are tired.

I repeat Heyward-Bey is 23 years old.

Does he think he is Brett Favre or something?

Similar to JaMarcus Russell, if Heyward-Bey doesn’t produce this year (highly unlikely) the Raiders need to cut their losses and just admit that made a horrible decision in drafting him.

I wonder does he get cookies and a capri sun before his daily nap.

4 thoughts on “Raiders WR Darrius Heyward-Bey Misses Four Straight Practices Because He is Tired

  • Better safe than sorry, I always say. I'd rather miss a few practices than play under physical duress and risk hurting myself in the process. Then again, as a pro, i'm sure he has ridiculous amenities at his disposal, so he should get in touch with Tebow and find out if he can borrow his Hyperbaric Chamber.

  • Maybe HB has to get with one of the best wide receivers in the NFL (Tim Brown) or with the other best wide receiver (Jerry Rice) and ask them how they were able to give 110 percent every year. Maybe just talking to either one of those greats might give him some motivation to step up.

    • He tired

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