Reggie Bush Issues an Apology to USC

In the closest thing we’ll ever get to an actual admission(a`la Jason Giambi) former USC Trojan Reggie Bush issues an apology to current USC Atheletic Director Pat Haden. According to Bush and Haden spoke on the phone for about 15 minutes last week where Bush apologized for getting the university on NCAA probation. Haden stated that Bush said, “if I could turn back the clock, I would.  If I could give back the Heisman Trophy, I would.”

Haden also said that Bush express tremendous regret and that, “he knows he made a series of mistakes.  Not just one mistake, but a series.” Bush couldn’t be reached for comment, he was too busy getting the business from the New England Patriots last night.

I find it all so magical that the regret fairy shows up AFTER trouble has already come to town.  If I was Pat Haden, I would have to tell Reggie his apology falls under the category of  ‘too little, too late’.  It took the NCAA five years to come to their decision, and in ALL that time, Bush and his family continously lied to NCAA investigators, and to the media.  If you really think about it, he had to lie to the New Orleans Saints as well. I can’t imagine them drafting him and those allegations didn’t come up.  Honestly Reggie, issuing your apology JUST to the Athelelic Director isn’t enough, you need to hold an teleconfrence with the entire team and apologize, they’re the ones truly feeling the brunt of your ‘regretable actions’.

If only Reggie could convince the two other guilty parties to come forth with some type of apology(Lane Kiffin and Pete Carroll), that would be great.  I guess their conscience is on vacation a little bit longer than Reggie’s was….*blank stare*

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  • What does Lane Kiffin have to do with Reggie Bush?

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