Report: Carmelo Anthony Wants To Be Traded Immediately

Personally if I was an owner of a franchise and player basically demanded to be traded I would just say:

“Thanks for your time now get the hell out of my office.”

But that is me and NBA players wield much more power than other players in other leagues so they can strong arm franchises into doing what they want.

Carmelo Anthony wants out of Denver and he is making it known.  Here are the details:

Carmelo Anthony wants out of Denver, and World Wide Wes delivered that message to the Nuggets with all the delicacy of a jackhammer at Sunday morning services. Do yourself a favor and trade him, the agent told the organization weeks ago.

Denver was furnished with a short list of teams and told to get to work. Yes, this how William Wesley and Leon Rose of CAA work now, thick with threats and ultimatums and a swagger suggesting that the sport belongs to them. After Anthony told owner-in-waiting Josh Kroenke that he still wanted out of Denver during a Sunday meeting.

Sources insist it’s no longer a matter of if the Nuggets trade Anthony, but when, where and for whom he’s traded for.

“It’s almost a given they’re going to move him,” said a front-office executive who’s talked with the Nuggets and Anthony’s agents with CAA.

Between the agents’ bullying and Anthony’s dismissive disposition in Sunday’s meeting, sources said Nuggets owner Stan Kroenke, Josh’s father, finally made a stand with CAA.

Keep it up, and the Nuggets will never do a deal for one of your clients again.

Try to dictate terms of a trade and we won’t move him.

Keep up the heavy-handedness and you’ll get a war.

The New York Knicks isn’t considered a strong contender in the eyes of Denver management.

The New Jersey Nets and Los Angeles Clippers have emerged as the two most probable destinations for Anthony because they have assets that appeal to Denver. The geography works for Anthony because of his wife LaLa Vazquez’s entertainment career.

I think Carmelo is going about this the wrong way. He should play out the last year of his contract and then he would be free to make a Lebron like decision. .

By taking a hard stance he is dependent on the Nuggets, making a deal that is beneficial for him and from the looks of it the Nuggets aren’t planning just to roll over.

These young stars, their young agents and advisers are trying to turn the NBA into a version Death Row Records.

7 thoughts on “Report: Carmelo Anthony Wants To Be Traded Immediately

  • He is doing them a favor! They now KNOW he isnt coming back. They dont have to worry like the Cavs did with LeBron. They can simply make the best trade amongst the teams he has given them. He has that leverage since he can tell the new team that he wont sign with them unless its a team he wants to go to. All the guess work is taken out of it. BTW, lets not act like players demanding trades is something new……

  • wait.. his wife still has an entertainment career?
    pardon my ignorance if she ACTUALLY does something. I dont get MTV/VH1 etc…

  • This is pretty paradoxical, what you suggested I mean.

    Its so funny how Lebron and Bosh get thrown into a pit of insults for making a decision as to what team they would like to join (some of you call it stringing along), but here you are ADVOCATING that Carmelo should basically do the same thing: finish his last season and go to the decision drawing board. Carmelo's trying to do them a favor by letting them know ahead of time that he wants to go; He doesn't want the Nuggets to think that there's even a chance that he's gonna change his mind. So why stay in Denver? For better options? Melo knows he's an all-star, so whether or not he'll have options is irrelevent.

    Or would you rather him make a "Lebron like decision", one that you are so adamantly against?

    • Wrong! Unlike Carmello, LeGone never informed the Cavs of his intentions. So how can he make a "Lebron like decision". The man has one year left on his contract. All he has to do is play the damn thing out. After that, he can sign on with Avon Barksdale's West Baltimore all star team if he wants.

      • "So how can he make a "Lebron like decision".

        Ask the write of this article, he's the one who said it. I was just quoting him.

  • Why does Carmelo want out of Denver all of a sudden? Is it because of the South Beach NWO or is it because of a wedding night conversation? How much of a p*ssy can these guys be?

  • To me it’s just two big guys slugging at one another. There is no boxing in it……..well for 90% of the fighters that is. I truly feel that the Klitcho’s need to fight each other. Then and only then I feel that the division maybe saved just a little. I wouldn’t mind seeing which brother will get the best of the other.

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