Shaq on Kobe: “If Tim Duncan Got 5 Rings It Would Bother Me More Than Kobe’s 5”

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The Big Leprechaun and Bean are like Jay Z and Nas to me.

For years there was subliminal shots. Shaq always had Illmatic over Kobe and made sure he reminded him of that.

Kobe finally exploded (The Takeover).

But Shaq came back with Ether (D Wade leading Heat to the title).

Then there was the uneasy truce.

Kobe then wins two more titles without Shaq (Jay Z becomes Nas’ Boss).

Now we are in this limbo state where Kobe is the king (Jay Z) and Shaq is trying to pump life back in his career (Nas).

If you believe ESPN’s Bill Simmons Kobe was extra giddy about getting that 5th ring and it more to do with Shaq than the Celtics.

You know Shaq was aware of the “professional ether” and takes a small jab a Kobe saying he only competes for titles against “other big men” or if you look at it another way Shaq knows as of right now he is fighting a battle he can’t win.

Either way 25 years from now when we are talking about the greatest feuds of all time Shaq vs. Kobe will be right up there Biggie vs. Pac and LL vs. Kool Moe Dee.

Speaking of Kool Moe Dee:

12 thoughts on “Shaq on Kobe: “If Tim Duncan Got 5 Rings It Would Bother Me More Than Kobe’s 5”

  • Less reference to rappers, more pro athlete chopping (i.e. Why Shaq is sounding like a "Moist Dude", as you put it). If anything at all to me, Kobe and Shaq have always been at it: Kobe said in an interview after he won his last ring: I've got one more than Shaq. Shaq replies: I got you three of your rings. This is the classic game of cat-and-mouse, and I'm afraid to take sides because both parties are professionally competing for the upper-hand. Granted, I like athletes who strive for the better, so I don;t see anything wrong here.

  • Robert L.
    We all know that Shaq cares. which is why he made that "how my ass tastes" freestyle 2 years ago. Its also the same reason why he joined Boston. He was desperately trying to join that miami trio too but Pat Riley put a stop to that.

  • I dissagree Jarren. I say the rap references are fine( matter of fact very good) But “Moist” (God I hate writting it) references need to go out the window.

    How you like me now… I don’t like you at all


  • maybe Kobe should promise Shaq 2 give him a hug when they meet in January '11. shaq is really in need of a friend (he's desperate for some one to care)

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